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There are many ways to apply for a job, and the way you do it can depend on the industry you're looking for within or by you as a person.

Some prefer to search for the posts only, while others prefer to use their network and seek unsolicited.

Contact the company

To show your true interest to the company and to the position. A call shows signs of sincere interest in the job, and you get the opportunity to make you feel positive - if you and you have been well prepared for the conversation.

Call the company and ask relevant questions that aren't already apparent from the job posting. Show that you have put yourself in the company and seem authentic in your motivation. By getting a good talk about the company and the position, you stand out and make you noticed. A call should last a maximum of 5 minutes.

- What would you like to achieve with the conversation?
- Which 2-3 questions do you lack answers to?
- How would you start the conversation?
- How would you like to introduce yourself? Give a brief and accurate presentation of yourself and what you can contribute.

If you have benefited from the conversation, please refer to the person you have spoken to in your application.

Posted Jobs

According to our analysis, most of companies use posted positions as a recruitment channel.

This doesn't mean that companies don't use other channels to recruit, for example. Network, LinkedIn, etc., but it's still the majority of posts being posted.

When reading a job advertisement, it's important that you familiarize yourself with what the position is about and what is required of a future employee. Therefore, make an analysis of the company based on the following questions:

- What does the company do, and who is its customers / target group?
- Why do you think this particular business is interesting and why are you looking for the job?
- Make a list of the professional and personal competencies that are requested in the vacancy notice.
- What can you offer the company based on your professional and personal competencies?

Unsolicited applications

Unsolicited applications have been re-entered after being outdated for some years, and many actually find jobs that way.

It can therefore be a good idea to search for companies that don't currently have vacancies, as they can stand and lack just your labor now or in the near future.

Use any. your network to look for more information about the company - maybe you know someone who is employed there for you to ask for advice.
Make sure to supplement the application with a telephone contact to the company and let your enthusiasm shine through. Call either before or after you send the application.


Use your network! Many underestimate networking in their job search, but studies show that if you're about 40 or more, your network is more than 50% likely to be crucial to your career and new job. Younger people can also benefit greatly from networking.

It may be the closest network that gives you your next job, but most often it's your network's network. Specially within the private area, the use of networks is high, where this way of applying for new employees is at 64.5%.

Consider the goal of your networking work. As a job seeker, the goal of using networks is of course to get the job you want. In order for it to succeed, however, it's about being at the top of your network's awareness and about being known for the value you can contribute.

- Make a complete list of your network. Your network consists of everything from family, friends, fellow students, colleagues to other networks (LinkedIn). you'll find that you have far more contacts than you think.

- Categorize your network and plan your efforts. It may be according to the industry, the companies or the job goal you have defined. It can also be after how likely the network can get you a job - or knows someone who can. Decide who you want to contact, when, how (mail, phone, meeting, LinkedIn) and with what message.

- Prepare a brief introduction of yourself . It must contain what you can contribute and be targeted to the person in your network or to the company.

- Participate in events, events, fairs, lectures on job search. It can be through your job center, unemployment insurance fund or other organizers.

- Spend plenty of time on networking . It's important to prioritize that part of the job search, so set aside time. It's better to go gradually than to make a lot of effort and then disappear again.

- Create momentum through visibility and value creation . A constant effort will create confidence and you'll be at the top of the network's awareness.

- Always follow up.

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