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How do you make a strong written resume? A resume, or curriculum vitae, is a summary of your professional life. It consists only of facts. Based on this, an employer can see whether you are a good fit for the company in terms of experience and personality. Often employers receive hundreds of applications per month, which means they don't have that much time to read all of the resumes. That is why it's important that your resume stands out, is clear and at the same time tells something about your personality. But… making a good resume, how do you actually do that?

Making an legible resume

An employer should not spend too much time on each resume, but he should be provided with all the important information. That is why it's important to design your resume as well as possible. Below are a few points to help you with that.

1. Create overview

Use recognizable subheadings, such as experience, study and competences. In addition, it's important to make the job titles bold.

2. Make your resume eye-catching, but keep it business-like

By using a nice layout, your resume stands out from the crowd. Be careful not to overdo it, because it's still business correspondence.

3. Keep it short

Don't make your resume longer than 1 to 2 pages, unless you have a very long career. If you have not been on the labor market for that long, stick to 1 page.

4. Put the most important thing on page 1

Put your work experience in non-chronological order; your most recent employer at the top and that is how you work down. Do not use too much space for your personal details, so that you have more space for more important information.

5. Create a profile

On page 1 you can also give a description of your strengths. Make sure that these match the vacancy and use your own words. Keep the profile to a maximum of 3 lines.

Simple Resume Writing Example


Driven, all-round, administrative employee who likes clear communication and approach. I have worked for several large organizations in various administrative positions and needed to have the necessary communication and organizational skills to be successful in these roles. I like a pleasant working environment, but I like to work under some pressure and then make it a challenge for myself to offer focus and effectiveness to my team and managers.

Work Experience

Financial administrative assistant, Abc Inc

- Accounts receivable and credit management
- Support with the month-end closing
- Supporting administrative activities such as: mail processing, answering the telephone and receiving customers etc.

Administrative sales employee, Xyz Inc

- Responsible for all administrative processing of all website orders
- Correct handling of the sales process
- Answering sales related questions through the live chat

BCs Financial Adm. Employee, Colorado University
Diploma: yes


- Course 'Typing skills. Certificate: yes
- Course 'Effective Minutes. Certificate: yes
- Training 'Customer-friendly telephone'. Certificate: yes


As a civil servant I have demonstrated that I have the necessary attention to detail. In this position it was extremely important to prepare deeds completely flawlessly. I'm proud to say that a deed issued by me never had to be redrafted because of inaccuracies on my part.

Communication skills
During my career I have developed my communication skills. Whether it's receiving customers, dealing with issues through the online chat, conducting sales calls or conducting internal meetings, I don't turn my back on anything.

One of my strongest skills is my ability to multitask. In performing my functions I always had to fulfill multiple roles within the different companies. This is precisely what appeals to me most in a job as an administrative assistant.

Hobbies and interests

Body building sports. I'm training for the New York Marathon.

I find social media marketing very interesting at the moment and I'm trying to support a family member in the promotion of her YouTube channel.

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