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To find the right staff for your company, it's important to write a job description to advertise the position to potential candidates. This article is intended to provide tips and guidance on how to write the perfect job description for the positions offered in the company.

In general, a job description is a written statement that lists the main tasks, responsibilities, and required qualifications required to perform the job or role, lets see an example for writing a job description.

Job Description Writing Example

Job Title

Administrative Clerk

Job Summary

Our office is interested in hiring an experienced and reliable employee who can help with general office tasks. This includes answering the phone, copying and scanning documents, filing, answering emails, and performing additional administrative tasks as needed. The successful applicant will be the front-end representative of our firm, so he or she should have a courteous and friendly disposition and be readily available to greet guests and guide them as required.


  • Assist in the preparation of inter-office memos and in the writing of emails
  • Match department budget and generate reports
  • Receive visitors in a fast and friendly way
  • Maintain the office filing system and retrieve material from archives as requested.
  • Process the appropriate paperwork to pay supplier invoices
  • Perform general office tasks, including faxing, copying, scanning, and filing.


  • More than 2 years of experience in an administrative / clerical position
  • High school diploma / GED certification required
  • Excellent office skills and customer service
  • Impeccable oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to multitask in a busy work environment
  • Be able to take direction well and work with minimal supervision
  • Have a proven track record of reliability and dependability

How to Write a Perfect Job Description?

However, what makes a perfect job description is that it clearly states the culture of the company, the direction / vision of the business, and your expectations as a business owner. This way, candidates will find themselves working with you or not. This will not only highlight the details about the work environment and the philosophy of the company, but it will also save you time in the future, as certain candidates will not apply for the position because they will find that they don't "fit in" with the company.

Inevitably, the details of the company job description will vary depending on whether you are looking to hire, for example, a receptionist, stylist, colorist or apprentice; or whether the position is junior, senior or executive.

Follow the template below to write the perfect job description:

Presentation of the show

As mentioned above, it's a good idea to present the culture and vision of the business beforehand.

Job title

As shown in the above example. Be specific in defining the job title and use the terms established by the industry.

Job Summary

As shown in the above example. Write a short paragraph of no more than three or four sentences that concisely informs the nature, level, and purpose of the position.

As shown in the above example. Job duties and responsibilities

It lists the required tasks associated with the position, as well as the people and / or business areas to which the job in question relates. If necessary, comprehensively describe each essential task or responsibility so that all elements are clear.

Remember that some positions can also be considered "hybrids", as they require skills in multiple disciplines. Be as descriptive as possible to attract the right candidates.

Work level

Indicate whether this is a junior or senior position and if there are additional management requirements or expectations.

Job specifications or required qualifications

It details the minimum requirements that are needed for the specific position. You should include education, training and experience level, as well as any physical limitations.

Professional skills

If you don't want to offer immediate training for the position, it's a good idea to clarify this at first. One way to do this is to detail the key skills and experiences that you hope the applicant has acquired in their previous jobs. This will allow the selected candidate to act and perform the functions inherent to the job from the first day.

Interpersonal skills

Use this section to define the "social" skills and talents that make a well-rounded, efficient employee as well as an effective worker, regardless of position. These may include:

  • Personal attributes
  • General business skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Salary expectations
  • Generally, salary levels are negotiated at the interview; however, it may be beneficial to indicate a salary range in the job description. This also serves to exclude applicants with unrealistic salary expectations.

Keep in mind that from a legal perspective it's essential to fully comply with the labor legislation and in terms of equal opportunity rights in your country. It's also generally recommended that a legal advisor review the final job description.

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