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How Do You Write a Cover Letter

How do you write a cover letter? One that impresses you and invites you to a job interview (because why do you write such a thing differently)? How do you distinguish yourself so that your cover letter doesn't end up in the bin? Well, with these tips.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a letter in which you write that you would like to be considered for a certain position at a company. Because only sending your resume will probably result in some questions, you also send a letter with it. Well, letter. Nine out of ten times it's just a mail. In the cover letter you explain who you are, what you can do and why you are the suitable candidate for this job.

Structure cover letter - How to Format

How do you start a cover letter? What is a good valve? And how do you build up your cover letter? Well, this way:

Start your cover letter with a salutation. Find out who your letter will end up with. And speak to him or her directly. You are always in the right place with "Dear [FIRST NAME, LAST NAME]". Unless you are going to apply for a job at a bank or law firm, you'd better go for 'dear', and stick to a 'Mr / Mrs [LAST NAME]'.

Open the first paragraph of your cover letter with a killer opening sentence. Get the attention! And you do that with a sentence like: "Let me drop the door right away. I want this job. Why? Because I can create content with you. Text, video, brochures. Everything, but also very focused and I like that."

In the following paragraphs, tell something about yourself. About who you are, what you do, what you are good at and why you are suitable for the job. But also indicate what you would like to learn.

In the conclusion you indicate that you would like to explain this cover letter in an interview.

Four ways in which you write a cover letter that stands out

How do you really ensure that your cover letter stands out? Check these four points.

1. Your cover letter isn't a summary of your resume

A cover letter. Wait, just get my resume. I can write a paragraph about that job as a cashier. Check. Two paragraphs about that volunteer experience. Ready. And another conclusion about all the languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat I speak. Ooh!, already four pages? Quickly delete that piece about why I want to work for the company.

Not the ideal approach.

A cover letter isn't a written resume, but an explanation of your motivation. And you dont' do this by fully repeating your resume in your cover letter, but rather by explaining certain aspects of your resume. Say something about that job as a cashier, but focus primarily on how you learned to deal with customers and why you now make that the perfect fit for the job .

2. Know your company

Are you going to apply for a job at a large bank? Or at a small, creative advertising agency? Both companies require a completely different approach. Where you want to stand out at the small advertising agency because of your creativity, you will probably take a more commercial approach at the large bank. Before writing your letter, do well in the company where you are applying. Choose a clear strategy.

Check for example the 'About Us' page of a company, or their social media channels. Look at the tone of voice. How does the company communicate? And what are their core values? Throw it in the mix with yourself and include it in your letter.

3. Why should we hire you?

Distinguishing yourself is perhaps the most important thing. If you do not, you will not be invited for an interview. But how do you really distinguish yourself? Instead of relying on boring, corporate cliches, you have to show who you are and what you can do.

Do that with humor, professionalism and creativity. And not only show what you can do, but also who you are. A good cover letter is almost a profile of yourself. But watch out. Do not only talk about yourself, but also about the company and what you can add.

4. Be real

What do many application letters miss? They aren't sincere. They contain the same standard phrases and words that everyone uses. Often even a copied motivation from a cover letter that you can find on the internet. That isn't good, because what really matters is that the recruiter feels as you read that you are a person of flesh and blood.

So be real . Be as honest as possible about your qualities and your motivation to work somewhere. Without bullshit . When writing your cover letter, act as if the recruiter are sitting in front of you and you have a normal, professional conversation.

That also means: don't lie. Because even if you manage to get the job like that, it will eventually come true. So if you aren't an Excel wizard, be honest about that. Even though it is important for the job. Before you get to your desk, with your manager behind you, open Excel, hesitantly click on a box and ask "so good?"

Free example of a good cover letter

You learn the most from examples. Therefore below two free example of good cover letter that was really used in an application.

Example cover letter

This is a good cover letter for, for example, a publisher. Here it comes:


With this letter I introduce myself to [JOB TITLE] of [NAME OF COMPANY]. I'm currently in the final year of [TRAINING] and am looking for a challenge in the world of publishing.

My interest in an internship at [COMPANY NAME] has several reasons. In the first place I would really like to work in the surroundings of a publishing house, a place where I could express my feeling for language and my interest in literature. This general interest in language as well as the art of rhetoric ensured that I started studying law. However, I have found that I'm not inspired by the content of law as a discipline. That is why I would like to further develop my language interest in a different way, but on the basis of practical experience.

[NAME OF COMPANY] also caught my attention. After all, it accommodates writers in whose books and stories I have wandered for hours. For example, I have warm memories of [BOOKING TITLES OF BOOKS]. After all, the young team at [NAME OF COMPANY] seems to me to be the ideal environment to grow in (and to flourish), and was also the straw that convinced me to apply.

I believe I'm the right candidate for [JOB TITLE]. First of all, I'm enormously motivated to commit myself to this position. I have had a penchant for books from an early age, and despite the fact that I have read many English and American authors such as Dickens, Maugham and Wilde, I have already 'immersed' in a nice selection of English writers.

In addition, my language knowledge of both French and Spanish is excellent. I had the opportunity to sharpen this language knowledge through, among other things, a one-year exchange with [TRAINING ABROAD], where I had to write several essays every month, as well as my participation in international pleading competitions and Model United Nations conferences. I maintain my written English by writing articles for the student newspaper of my university. Finally, the combination of law studies and student jobs taught me how to deal with deadlines in a focused and time-conscious manner, and the aforementioned extracurricular activities sharpened my stress resistance and communication skills.

I thank you in advance for considering my candidacy. If you have any further questions, please dont' hesitate to contact me.

With best regards,


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