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How Do You Define a Job Description

The job description is a tool that the company has to develop an employee recruitment process effectively. When presenting everything related to the position in writing, the candidates already know precisely what the company needs and what it offers the worker.

With the job description, in short, it's intended to attract the right applicants, reducing the time required for the selection process. On the other hand, the document defines the position and gives the employee a frame of reference that avoids surprises and misunderstandings.

Although there are no specific rules for its development, a job description should include certain data that are considered basic. The title of the position, its location in the structure of the company, its hierarchical superiors, the scope of action, the objectives to be fulfilled, the required training and the remuneration are some of the items that can't be missing in a job description.

It's important to highlight that, beyond its usefulness in a recruitment process, the job description can also function as an internal guide since it allows you to divide the work correctly, assign responsibilities and define functions.

Broadly speaking, we can say that the job description has three fundamental objectives:

* Attract the candidates: as expressed above, in the description of the tasks to be performed and the requirements is the key for those people who feel able to meet the expectations of the company to contact the resources department human (RR. HH.) to get an interview. It's important to note that candidates can be both external and internal, that's to say that individuals who are already within the company and who wish to change positions also enter the equation;

* Define the positions: in the job description the necessary limits are set so that the evaluation of the candidates takes place in an orderly manner and without loss of time by either party. The precise definition of the functions also serves for those employees who wish to promote, since it allows them to establish a series of objectives;

* Reference to the administration: in particular so that the new bosses understand the magnitude and degree of responsibility expected of them.

There are many common mistakes that companies make when preparing a job description. One of the most common is to use internal terminology, something that we must avoid by all means, since it's absurd to pretend that external candidates understand it; The wider and more neutral the text, the greater the variety of people will present themselves.

Another very common error occurs when the description is made by a single person, specially if he doesn't have the appropriate role; This should be a collaboration of several departments, specially human resources, to express all important aspects of the position.

Perhaps the most serious of all errors is the lack of realism, which is represented when the job description defines a "superhuman", someone with all the ideal skills to develop their work without failures, with all possible knowledge, with a Extensive experience and experience in highly regarded companies. These people will not knock at our door, if they exist; And if they do, we should seriously ask why they are out of work.

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