How Do You Create a Job Description


To really understand the context of a job, it's essential to define it in writing. During the recruitment process, you're more likely to attract the best talent if you have a well-documented job report. Wouldn't you feel better in an interview with a company that has taken the time to define who you want to hire?

Although it's particularly useful when recruiting new staff, the job description has a continuous purpose, so it's worth spending time to understand it well from the beginning.

The three main objectives of a job description are:

1. Attracting candidates: describe the position and background necessary to attract internal or external candidates for employment.

2. Definition of the position: so that the person who holds the position has a benchmark of the level of their functions and their necessary responsibilities, specially at the time of the evaluation or when it's considered a promotion.

3. Management reference: specially for a new boss to understand the scope and level of responsibility expected in the role.

All aspects of the position

A full job description includes the following areas:

  • Job Title
  • Where the role is located within the team, department and the entire company
  • Under whose orders the role and other key interactions will be
  • Key areas of responsibility and expected results
  • Short, medium and long term objectives
  • Scope of progress and promotion
  • Training and necessary training
  • Social skills and personality traits necessary to highlight
  • Location and transfer requirements
  • Remuneration margin and benefits available
  • Company culture and identity

Five mistakes you should avoid in an effective job description

Use internal terminology: Your CRM database may be known throughout the company as the "knowledge bank", but requiring that you master your knowledge bank in the job description will not make sense to external candidates. Stick to the widely recognized requirements to attract the widest possible audience.

Don't involve all interested parties: The most exact specifications are produced with the participation of several different areas of the company. When you define or improve what a role implies, do it with the contribution of Human Resources, line management and collaborators with a similar function.

Be unrealistic: The job description should be an accurate representation of the background necessary to perform the role, not a list of impossible desires of all the skills you can serve.

Use discriminatory language: Although almost always involuntary, the use of certain words and phrases in a job description can be interpreted as discriminatory and limit the diverse group of candidates seeking companies.

Don't make frequent reviews: Companies are constantly evolving; In order for the job description to reflect these changes in the requirements, it should ideally be reviewed every year and corrected where appropriate.

Taking the time to prepare an exact job description can be essential to attract, hire and retain employees on an ongoing basis.

Good job description example

Created on 10/11/2017 - Updated on 22/06/2019

Job Description

Job title Software Product Manager
Corresponding function sheet Product manager
Positioning in the organization Under the responsibility of the software marketing manager / supervises a product assistant
Main missions - Develop and launch new products and services for ABC
- Ensure the profitability of existing ranges
- Design and coordinate marketing action plans
- Manage product information in information systems
- Support the sales force as a technical expert
Activities and tasks - Conduct direct market studies or via external companies - before any new marketing
- Conduct a permanent competitive and technological watch using the 'home' software
- Realize sales forecasts by analyzing past sales and making projections for the coming year
- Supervise the computer creation of new references
- ...
Means and prerogatives - Marketing budget
- Prerogative in terms of pricing: 15% mini-margin
- ...
Internal and external relations Internally linked with the services:

- - commercial
- - R & D
- - logistics


- - Professional Affiliations
- - Consulting firms
- ...

Conditions and place of work - - Posted at the head office
- - Occasional trips to clients

Job Profile

Required Skills Marketing technical skills:

- Design a marketing plan
- Pilot actions
- Analyze sales
- ...

IT technical skills:

- Know the programming languages ​​C ++ and Python
- ...

Behavioral skills:

- Develop excellent relationships with other services
- To be reactive
- ...

Transversal skills:

- Master English
- Know how to run a meeting
- ...
Experience First experience of at least 2 years in a similar position
Training and qualifications Double degree engineer / business school

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