Hiring Process in Steps


The hiring process is that series of interactions between the company and the applicants to occupy a job, until reaching the execution of the contract.

This is characterized by the seriousness and respect that must exist at each stage of the same, so that none of the people involved feel their rights and personal integrity affected. It also involves a series of general legal requirements according to the country.

This activity is one of the most complicated and at the same time important, for which a company goes through, this will depend on a factor as important as human resources, hiring the right staff is vital for the proper functioning of a business.

Stages of the hiring process

1- Define the position profile, clearly establishing the characteristics, functions, tools, skills, experience and knowledge required by the person selected.

2- From among the candidates choose the best. At this stage you can consider different options.

  • Cover the job with someone who is already part of the group of workers in the company.
  • Take recommendations from trusted employees.
  • Publish the offer in the media.

3- Pre-selecting candidates according to the curriculum vitae, this step is important, since it avoids wasting time conducting interviews with people who don't qualify in the profile. For this it's recommended:

  • Review all applications and discard the first ones that don't meet the requirements.
  • To simplify the process, a valuation table is made that includes each applicant and in an objective way, qualification is given in numbers to each profile range per candidate.

4- For the final selection of the worker, according to the position profile, tools are used to help rule out or select candidates, such as psychotechnical or personality tests, knowledge assessment tests, personal interviews and group dynamics to check how handle in certain situations and in what skills each one stands out

5- Making the decision is usually complicated if there are several candidates that meet the desired requirements. Performing a scale to rate knowledge and other features of interest can simplify the decision making objectively.

6- Once the decision is made, it's time to notify the selected person and the rest of the candidates about the end of the process and thank them for their participation. This is important as it shows how important the human resource is within the company.

7- To finish the hiring process, all the necessary papers are prepared to formalize the contract.

8- The contract must reflect the data of the worker and the company, and also specify the type of contract, duration, the position to be performed, salary and economic benefits to be received.

9- Add the person to the database of employees to review their situation in social security and other legal aspects, as well as having them on the payroll for payment.

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