Headhunting - Term Overview


The headhunting is the technique that implements the headhunter (or " headhunter "). It's about looking for information about the work profile of a person without their active participation, in order to finally incorporate it as a professional to a company or project.

This technique is becoming more and more common, especially in companies where a very specific type of profile with certain characteristics is needed. It's not uncommon to turn to a specialist to do a thorough search of these types of profiles or to obtain certain information from potential candidates for the vacancy.

They are often used to fill managerial positions, middle managers or any other position that requires certain specific professional profiles.

Headhunting or talent hunting guide

In the first place, headhunters select the recruiting sources or, what is the same, the place from where they will get the information or the profile of the users that the company wants. It can be one or more, although the most common are Linkedin, Facebook and Xing.

Once you contact the person who fits the profile you are looking for, you will be explained what the position will consist of and why you have been selected for it. However, said person must offer their curriculum to the headhunter in order to confirm those milestones achieved and other qualities that are sought.

It will be essential to finalize certain aspects through personal interviews before offering the position and talking about the salary to be received, in addition to explaining to the company the reasons for the choice of the individual in question.

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