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The term " Green IT " comes from Green Information Technology, also known as Green Computing. Green IT is the collective name for all ecologically responsible forms of work within the information technology " ICT " sector. The objective of Green IT is to limit the negative impact of ICT solutions for the environment. Ecological monitoring is often underestimated. Only in the energy sector, both the use of computers and the technology related to them, is already as high as in the aviation sector.

How does Green IT work?

Companies that work with Green Computing in mind have many ways to reduce the impact of ICT on the planet as much as possible. First, these companies develop or buy hardware that contains the least possible amount of harmful " chemical " substances that can be reused " partially ", biodegraded or recycled. Also within Green IT, the long-term use of the same hardware and the lowest possible energy consumption are pursued.

You can also think about the environment in the field of software. This is rather an indirect action, but, for example, by making software packages less heavy, energy can be saved. There are also search engines that try to neutralize CO2 emissions from data center servers, planting a tree for every search that's performed.

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