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Good Cover Letter Openings

A good opening sentence for your cover letter is almost indispensable. You only have a few seconds to convince the reader that he or she really needs to read on. In this blog we give you featured examples of creative opening phrases for your cover letter.

Attract attention with your cover letter

You should actually see your cover letter as a sales pitch. You're the product and of course you want it to be 'bought' by your potential employer. But a good introduction can give your cover letter that little bit extra; That may be a bit 'different than usual'; at least cordial and genuine.

Compare the opening sentence of your cover letter with an introduction to real life: do you introduce yourself with a weak hand and a dutiful 'good day'? Or do you give someone a firm handshake and introduce yourself with a warm smile and cheerful voice? The opening sentence of your cover letter must immediately show a piece of yourself.

Examples of creative opening phrases for your cover letter

The followings are a number of examples of powerful, creative opening phrases for your cover letter.

Opening sentences with the location of the vacancy

  • "I found the vacancy through LinkedIn and immediately thought: this job is perfect for me. In this letter I would like to explain what makes me a suitable candidate. "
  • "After seeing your advertisement in the newspaper, I immediately decided to respond to this interesting job."
  • "When I read the job description on your website, I didn't have to think long: this is me!"

Opening sentences with a reference to earlier (telephone) contact

  • "After our telephone call of date, I became very interested and therefore apply at your company."
  • "As I made clear to you in our telephone conversation, I'm very interested in the function of..."

Opening sentences with introduction through a joint knowledge

  • "Through my former colleague, I understood that you're looking for a new accountant for your office. With this I would like to register as a candidate for this position. You can read my motivation in this letter. "
  • "When visiting your store, I spoke extensively with Mr. Smith. He told me about the vacancy of Assistant Manager. I think I'm an excellent candidate for this position. "

Opening sentences with a question

An interrogative opening sentence in your cover letter can work specially well with open applications.

  • "Are there vacancies at your company for a hard-working, enthusiastic account manager with a lot of experience with large customers?"
  • "I have been following your company for years. The standards and values, but also the services of Company X appeal to me strongly. Now that I'm looking for a new job, Company X came to mind first. Can you tell me if you have room for a motivated, experienced colleague? "

Opening sentences about your knowledge and skills

  • "Since the first year of my Masters in Communication & Influence, my goal has been to become a copywriter. My father is a journalist and my mother is a language teacher. So language was introduced to me. In addition to my studies, I did an internship at the editors of a regional newspaper. In addition, I have a successful blog with more than 7,000 visitors every month. The copywriter vacancy at your organization is right for me. "
  • "Now that the economy is picking up again, the demand for temporary workers is increasing again. This requires intermediaries who can match the right job seekers with the right functions. I'm such an intermediary. "

Opening sentences with a reference to the company

  • "Nicely designed products for an attractive price. The interior of ABC is indispensable in my interior! I can be found almost every weekend in this residential paradise and would love to work as a seller. "
  • "Everything for a smile. That's not only the motto of your organization, Coolblue, but also a standard that I try to live up to as a customer consultant. If the customer is happy, I'm too! That's why I'm happy to apply for the position of Webcare Employee. "
  • "I was staring in front of me on the platform, waiting for the train home. Office work is actually not for me, but what do I want? When the train rushed into the station with a lot of noise, I knew: I want to apply for a job at XYZ! "

Opening sentences based on current events\

  • "Loneliness among the elderly is becoming more common. In my opinion, many options remain unused to solve this problem. I would like to work for a municipal policy to give the elderly a good old age. "
  • "Recently, food safety was in the news with the use of an anti-mite agent in chickens that left harmful traces in eggs. At such moments it's of the utmost importance that the consumer is well informed about the possible consequences. I would like to take this responsibility in the position of spokesperson for your organization. "

Creative opening sentences

  • "I feel completely at home in office politics."
  • "In modern hectic life with an abundance of incentives, it's difficult to attract someone's attention. It's great that I have yours now, because I would like to apply for the position of Social Media Marketer with you. "
  • "I feel completely at home in office politics."
  • "I almost hear you think:" Hey, hey, finally a cover letter with a creative opening sentence. " That's right, because as an advertising maker always make sure that my message comes across. "

Standard opening sentences

Do you want to open your cover letter in a neat but not too special way? Then use an opening sentence that's slightly more standard, for example:

  • "Hereby I want to apply for the position of buyer."
  • "Following your advertisement on LinkedIn, I hereby apply for the position of marketing manager."
  • "In the website from week 34 I read your advertisement in which you indicate that you're looking for candidates for the position of customer service employee at your organization. The description of the work and the company appealed to me. "
  • "Following your advertisement on Monster, I express my interest in the position of receptionist."
  • "Your advertisement on the website of the ABC is a reason for me to apply for the position of administrative assistant."
  • "I heard from my former college John Smith that you're looking for a new account manager. I would like to apply for this position. "

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