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So you need to learn about cover lettes? we well help you with the following information about the general features of good cover letters.

Good Characteristics of a Cover Letter

  • The cover letter must be: SHORT, ORDERLY, CLEAR, DIRECT.
  • It must always be signed and dated.
  • Although the format of the letter may be the same or similar, the wording and content must be different depending on each job position.
  • Fortunately, there are no rigid rules for preparing a letter, this allows the possibility of differentiation between candidates.
  • Use good quality white or cream colored foil
  • Write the letter with a computer (unless it's requested in handwriting).
  • Always send originals.
  • It's convenient to address the letter to a specific person, to help it reach its destination. If the name isn't known, it's directed to the Personnel or Human Resources Department.
  • Write short, separate paragraphs.
  • Use clear, concise, cordial, respectful and positive language.
  • Do not ask for two different positions in the same company. In some cases it can be more generic to cover more positions. For example: working in the Administration Department.
  • Describe skills and accomplishments naturally.
  • Highlight what can be contributed to the company. Do not repeat what appears in the resume, it's about highlighting the aspects that are considered most important.
  • Request an interview.
  • At the farewell, avoid an effusive and conversational tone.
  • The personal data must be identical in the resume and in the letter.
  • It's important to keep track and make a copy of all letters sent, as it usually takes a while before receiving a reply.
  • It's recommended to make a copy of the letter to remember the indicated data in the subsequent interview.
  • Take note of the address and telephone number of the recipient, as well as the type of company and position applied for.
  • Archive all documentation.
  • Don't underestimate yourself. There are people who, due to ignorance or because they are poorly advised, begin by saying phrases such as "Despite not having the experience they ask for..."
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