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A job promotion is one of the most important goals of any professional . It's a form of recognition of your commitment; In addition, it represents an advance in your professional career and gives you the opportunity to learn to continue advancing.

Let's talk a little about why a job promotion is important . Promotions are one of the best indicators of career growth. In addition, being promoted is a highly motivational factor for any employee, since this, apart from representing a professional advance, improves your quality of life.

Getting promoted, for many is a great step to be a successful professional , it means recognition of effort, loyalty and professionalism. It also represents the challenge of having to grow on a personal and professional level in order to fulfill the responsibilities that your new position brings.

After all, a higher position implies greater responsibilities . It's important that you know where you're in your career; and above all that you understand what are the elements that you're missing to get to the next step.

Being promoted allows you to have a career within the same company, which means to grow professionally.

Likewise, for the company it's the opportunity to fill certain positions with professionals who already know the company ; To promote yourself, a professional with experience and knowledge of the company, avoids the selection and training process of a person who doesn't know the company.

Coupled with this, it's the possibility of motivating yourself and others, towards a higher level of commitment. Nothing makes an employee more loyal than the possibility of being promoted , or seeing that others are.

But are you really ready to get promoted? Let's see what it's about, and show you 10 tips to achieve a job promotion. Go for it!

What is a job promotion?

A job promotion is any type of change that an employee experiences , which represents an improvement in their professional conditions. It's an opportunity to advance your professional career.

Thus, it's an advance that an employee makes in the structure of the organization; With these movements, elements of their working conditions change , even if you remain in the same position.

You can be promoted without changing your position on the organization chart . A job promotion involves your responsibilities and scope being modified; although this doesn't merit changing the desk or position. Rather, it's an adjustment to your job description.

In addition, job promotions are a right of all employees . It must be considered as part of the processes of any department; likewise, companies have a duty to describe to you what factors are worthy of a promotion.

In some cases, you as an employee must seek internal advice to achieve this process . By approaching the HR team, you can find out which promotions are available. Remember, it's not always about changing positions.

How to get a job promotion?

Although getting a job promotion is a distinctive process of each company; There are some elements that in common make you an eligible candidate for these types of changes.

In general, job promotions start from a need . A gap is opened, for some functions, which aren't covered. They are also due to internal changes in the company. Even due to the emergence of new projects.

The scenarios that generate the possibility of a promotion are different. However, most professionals in the area of ​​human talent agree that the following traits are what define a candidate for promotion

Productivity : That you're able to carry out and promote the company's projects is key. A visionary, goal-oriented employee who takes plans to another level is the right profile.

Leadership : Being a leader means that you'll not be afraid to create and execute ideas on your own. In addition, you'll be a generator of changes in the rest of your department.

Availability: Promotions involve greater responsibilities and tasks. For this, you need to be an employee with enough time to take on the challenges.

Don't forget that what will make you eligible depends on the company you work for . You should also consider that, to get there, you have to prepare and grow as a professional.

A higher position means greater responsibilities. To address this, we recommend the Guide for Professionals: How to Prepare for a Managerial Position.

What are the types of promotions?

Now, in order for you to get a job promotion , you need to know the types of job promotions you can aspire to.

It can often cause confusion with other types of movements ; such is the case of job rotations and transfers. These fall into the category of reassignments; Although they can be classified as promotions, remember that if they don't represent a change in your job description, it's not.

Continuing, we have the case of transfers. In this case, you can experience a change of venue, or department. However, wherever you're designated, you'll continue to perform the same tasks.

Let's see the two main groups of promotions you can aspire to:

Promotions by seniority

This type of promotion has a lot to do with the company's management methodology. For some companies, years of service are a heavy criterion when it comes to job promotions.

If this is the case, the vacancies are given as the years of service of other collaborators progress. Time is recognized as an indicator of competence, and above all of synchronicity with the company.

Here, internal staff is prioritized over an external recruitment process. However, these promotions are risky, because they require you to prepare very well . Not only the time you have in the company, it will allow you to know what your new position may need.

Merit Promotions

Here, what deprives are the skills, and therefore, the results of performance evaluations.

In companies that consider this factor, employees can rise quickly; they can reach higher positions without the need to spend too much time with the company . This, thanks to their skills and the benefits they represent.

In general, these types of job promotions are generated by new projects within the company. In addition, they are the ones that represent the greatest growth for you, since to achieve them, you have to update yourself . They are only generated as you grow as a professional.

10 Tips to achieve a job promotion

We go with some useful tips to achieve your job promotion:

1. Stand out

The best way to make yourself eligible for greater responsibilities is to do very well the ones you have now . You will show capacity and that you're ready for the next step.

2. Take charge of being qualified

The most important step: prepare for the position you want . Take the time to study the position and new areas. Learn a language, take courses and improve professionally.

3. Talk to your superior

A great way to be considered for a promotion is by discussing your interest in it. Let your superior know that you want more responsibilities.

4. Observe

A simple but crucial task. Observe, so that you recognize the needs of the area and can become the solution.

5. Know the ascent methods

It's very important that you know what you have to do to get promoted. Make sure you know what the profile of a candidate for promotion is.

6. Find out if you want the promotion

You have to be sure if you really want those responsibilities. Find out what this promotion consists of before launching into it.

7. Get moving

Remember that leadership and proactivity are key traits of an employee for promotion. Get to know the other departments and learn from them.

8. Identify trends

Remember that we told you that being qualified is essential. With this extra preparation, you'll have a sharper professional eye, and you'll be able to spot trends . These small observations can be the difference for the company.

9. Make yourself known

Popularity is key, because this sympathetic and friendly behavior gives space to leadership . Another key feature.

10. Have a plan

You need to draw up the action plan. Start moving and know the sequence of events that will lead you to it.

When it comes to a job promotion, there are no shortcuts . This professional achievement is a consequence of your time, disposition, and above all of your preparation for it. You have to be fully trained and work for it.

Therefore, don't rule out the possibility of training, gaining experience and growing professionally. Remember that the more you know about your professional area, your chances will increase.

If you want to know more about how you should prepare for a managerial position, download our practical guide for professionals. We hope this article has been to your liking, if so, share it with other colleagues.

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