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Get Employees Out Of Their Comfort Zone

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Are your employees in a warm bath that they don't dare to step out of? Do they lack entrepreneurship and do they take too few risks? an Expert shows how to get them out of their comfort zone.

As an entrepreneur you constantly seize new opportunities in the market. Taking risks is in your genes. Just a pity that you don't have the certainty in advance that a risk will actually pay off. In the least favorable case you have learned something from it and you choose a different approach route or investment next time.

Of course you can also decide not to take any more risks. With that you probably immediately call the demise over you. Specially at a time when the world is changing at lightning speed and organizations have to keep moving. Moving outside of your comfort zone is therefore a necessity to survive.

No entrepreneurs

Employees in organizations usually don't feel this need. This is apparent, for example, from a new project that is initially started enthusiastically by your employees. After a while the enthusiasm dries up and the project is still under construction.

What did you miss? Well, your employees are not entrepreneurs and don't always feel the need to do their best, to keep growing and to develop, so that they continue to offer added value to the organization. Instead, they just do their job.

Safe enough

You are not the first entrepreneur to discover that most employees are not that ambitious, adventurous or risky. There is something that is holding them back. Their comfort zone apparently feels safe enough.

The feeling of safety is reinforced by certainties such as the duration of the employment contract , the number of years of service and the fact that in my country are not used to addressing employees about their results.

Tips for entrepreneurs

How do you get your employees moving and out of that comfort zone? How do you make them realize that it's necessary to develop yourself? Six tips for entrepreneurs:

1. Give feedback and reward daring

The motto here is: "Get comfortable at being uncomfortable." You achieve this with your employees by providing daily feedback and daring to reward. Accompany the employee in his first steps outside his comfort zone, because together you're stronger!

2. Put yourself in the position of your employees

It's important that you understand the impeding beliefs of your employees. For example the fear of making mistakes, a lack of insight or overview and negative experiences from the past. Also discuss that fear is a bad counselor.

3. Make the connection

The task or project is usually the dream of the organization, not the dream of the employee. His or her dream is, for example, a pleasant working atmosphere or being a skilled colleague. Listen to the dreams of your employees, because if you manage to connect those dreams with those of the organization, the commitment and with it the result grows.

4. Adjust the tempo

Always start from the pace of the different employees, because everyone is different. One employee can stretch his limits more easily, the other has more fear. By allowing every employee to take steps beyond the beaten track from his own level, everyone builds up more confidence. You let them experience that it's fun outside the comfort zone.

5. Plan the route

Take your employees into the process of the project. Which steps have been taken and which are still to go? You often have an overview, your employees usually do not. By giving them more insight into where you're in the process, they better understand their own added value. As a result, they will dare to leave their comfort zone sooner.

6. Discuss the results

Share disappointments and specially successes in growth outside the comfort zone. Giving employees clear insight into the steps they have taken creates the courage to go further. Certainly if there is sufficient attention for what went well.

More return

The comfort zone as an economic entity: the more you step out of it, the more returns it provides for the organization and the employees. Positive experiences work like a flywheel to more proactive, entrepreneurial and inquisitive employees who make the organization more successful.

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