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The definition of furniture refers to the set of furniture with which a certain space is equipped, serving for the normal activities of any company, office or home. All these elements are used to perform different tasks such as working, resting or eating.

This section includes, for example, chairs, tables, shelves, counters, writers, armchairs or other types of furniture. The concept of furniture excludes any machine or appliance, such as computers, telephones or household appliances.

Types of furniture

There are several classes of furniture, among which are distinguished:

Furniture that has a storage use such as libraries, archives, etc. Furniture that is presented as horizontal surfaces that separate from the ground such as chairs, armchairs, tables, counters, etc. Urban furniture, which is what local administrations and the city council place for the use and enjoyment of the residents of the city. The main materials used for the construction of the furniture are metal, and especially wood. They are resistant and comfortable materials that guarantee a long life of these furniture. Beyond aesthetics, what is intended with the furniture is that it's as practical as possible and durable for any user.

The definition of furniture is also used to refer to all those related to elements or furniture that can be moved or moved.

Furniture in business

In business economics, the concept of furniture is linked above all to furniture value, which is the transmission of rights over real estate, thus converting them into rights in values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be transmitted easily. This value stands out because it's negotiable and can be grouped into issues. These securities include promissory notes, bills of exchange, shares, and bonds.

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