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Formal Permission Request

At some point we have found ourselves in the awkward situation of having to apply for a work permit from our boss. And more uncomfortable is the situation when there is no empathy between the two people. That uncomfortable!

When we make a permit request letter , we must consider that there is a specific model or template. The most common is to expose it by writing to give it a more formal way. It's common for most of these documents to be requested in the workplace, to request days off or to cover those personal matters that we need to resolve during working hours.

We know that it's usually very difficult to write specifically this type of letters, so today, we will explain how to make them and, in the end, we'll leave you an example that will serve as a reference.

How to make or write a permit request letter

A letter requesting permission must be drafted briefly , you should not give excessive arguments or try to convince anyone. There is only to describe the corresponding request.

The wording that should be used in these documents must be natural, since these letters should reflect our personal opinion and the reading has to describe our personality. In the structuring of the letter there should be no understandable or stereotyped phrases and there must be a presence of cordiality. The editor of these letters must keep in mind that you should not write in a cold way, as we usually write in some commercial writings.

Permission Request Letter Example

City, Full date (November 15, 2019)
Mr or Mrs (the position you occupy or may be your name)

I request before you, a work permit of (the days that you are missing) corresponding to the week (the week and the days that you will be absent), for the following reason (you explain the reason why you will be missing that day) .

With no more to limit

Thanking your attention

XXXXX (Your Name)


XXXX (Company Name)

XXXX (Company Address)

Att. (Manager charge)

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