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Shareholder is the agent that owns shares (aliquots of capital) in any company or business form.

The shareholder can be a natural person, as a form of his assets; or a legal person, that is, any company, agency or entity that has a business participation among its assets.

The shareholder has the ownership of shares in which the company is divided, which makes him a partner and gives him the ability to decide on the management and decision-making bodies. The ownership of the company that corresponds to a shareholder is based on the number of shares that it has over the total in which the capital of the same is divided. Having part of that capital confers several rights and obligations of a political and economic-financial nature.

Naturally, there are several types of shares and, therefore, of shareholders, such as non-voting shareholders, minority shareholders, shareholders that are members of the Shareholders' Meeting... with each of them having several rights and privileges to fill the gaps. or responsibilities arising from each condition.

The basic rights of the shareholders are:

- Right to dividend: to receive the proportional part of the company's profits.
- Preferential subscription right: on shares when capital increases are made.
- Right to liquidation fee: in the case of liquidation of the assets of the company based on its participation quota.
- Right to information: about the status and status of the accounts
- Right to attend and vote: at the General Shareholders' Meetings, that is, the right to be part of the government of the company and to vote on decisions.

In this way, a shareholder can, by owning part of the capital of a company, participate in the decision-making of political control in the Board of Directors, as well as participate in the benefits that the company may have, and also responding with the capital in case of losses and liquidation of the company.

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