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Acquisition is the act of obtaining a product or service through a transaction. This requires that the plaintiff make a purchase order and that the payment be accepted by the bidder.

Steps of an acquisition

Behind an acquisition, several steps are taken. First, the plaintiff must plan his purchase, identifying the characteristics and quantity of the product he needs.

After determining those standards, perform a selection process. In this analysis, you must take into account the acquisition price, quality, reliability and trajectory of the future supplier, among others.

The buyer will then choose an offeror and will enter into a negotiation process. Then, if this is the case, you may need to seek financing from a third party.

It should be noted that the operation doesn't end with the signing of a contract. After that, efficient management and control of the supplies or services provided by the supplier must be carried out.

Likewise, the waste generated in the production process must be properly managed.

Acquisition of a company

The mergers and acquisitions of companies are a form of external growth. The acquisition consists of the purchase that a company makes of another taking ownership of its shares. However, both companies fail to merge their assets.

The operation described doesn't always ensure total control over the acquired firm. This depends on the percentage of share capital obtained by the buyer. In addition, another relevant factor is the distribution of the rest of the shares, that is, if they are concentrated in few or many investors.

It's necessary to specify that in general there are three ways to acquire a company: A conventional purchase-sale contract, financing an important part of the purchase price with debt, or through a public offering of shares.

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