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In addition to employee satisfaction, employee involvement plays an important role in every organization. Committed employees are up to 43% more productive. In addition, these employees are more loyal, as a result of which they will leave the organization less quickly and think further than the average employee. Thanks to involvement among employees, the competitive advantage of organizations can grow.

Definition of employee involvement

An involved employee shows positive behavior towards the organization and associated values. This involvement largely determines the motivation, enthusiasm, pride and emotional bonding of employees. As a result, the employees involved are more likely to take an extra step when necessary. This shows that the employees involved are more aware of the context of the organization and they work together with colleagues to improve individual performance for the benefit of the organization. This ensures higher productivity and less unwanted staff turnover .

Factors for involvement

As shown above, higher employee engagement ensures better performance. How can this involvement best be stimulated? Below are the most important factors:

1. Perception of important work

When employees realize that their work content and organization have an impact on the environment, this will lead to higher involvement . That is why it's important that employees maintain a good relationship with the end product that is being created.

2. Expectations function

Without a clear objective or the right resources, employees are more focused on "surviving" than looking at the added value in the organization.

3. Development opportunities

The perception of influence on improvement is important at both individual and departmental level. When these decisions are made outside of employees, the involvement of employees will decrease.

4. Feedback and dialogue

Employees sometimes simply want to hear that they have done something right. Sometimes this is not tangible and therefore a compliment such as "Thank you, looks good!" Is important.

5. Inspirational leadership

Without clear values or a vision, it's very difficult to involve employees in the interests of the organization.

Apparently, sometimes behavioral change is needed to create more involvement, and that takes time. Often this change is about communication between departments and employees. Sometimes managers are not aware that they forget to compliment or enter into dialogue. Awareness is therefore perhaps even more important than the actual involvement itself.

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