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What is Facility Management?

The term facility management, also called facility services, is used all too often in the business world, but what does that term actually mean? According to the dictionary, facility management means 'carrying out and organizing logistical and household tasks such as storage and distribution of goods, provisioning, cleaning and maintenance and taking care of meals'. That's a whole laundry list of tasks, but facility management goes further than performing that task list.

Main activities within facility management

As mentioned above, there are a few main activities within which facility management is active. These tasks may differ depending on the supply or specialization of the facility company, but in general the following aspects belong to facility management:


Very often the range of tasks that most facility companies are known for. This includes cleaning the entire working environment, cleaning windows and waste management. It's often forgotten that facade cleaning also falls under that range of tasks. The exterior of an office or company is very often the first introduction to visitors and nowadays is increasingly becoming an important part of a facility strategy.

Security and surveillance

These activities include not only opening and closing rounds by security personnel, but also interventions, provision of in-house emergency services, reception, maintenance and replacement of equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, etc.


If there is a canteen or company restaurant within the company, facility management can also contribute to this " food and drink care, cash register management, etc. ". The supply and maintenance of vending machines " drinks, sweets " is also one of the facility services, as is the provision of coffee ladies.

Housing and maintenance

Facility services also deal with the infrastructure, design, renovation and maintenance of office buildings. Think of cleaning facades, paintwork and floor coverings, electricity facilities, all kinds of odd jobs, winter services, etc. In that case, see your facility partner as 'handyman' that you always have at hand: from the smallest adjustments to your electricity, up to and including far-reaching renovations: your facility management partner is always there for you.

Document management

By document management we mean everything that has to do with mail handling " receipt, registration, franking and sending ", archive management and supply of office material.

Green Care

Green Care " or green maintenance " includes all activities that have to do with the plantations around your company. This isn't only purely about 'greenery' such as trees or gardens, but also about the construction and management of parking spaces, the placement of fencing and terraces and the maintenance of water features such as ponds or fountains.

Anti-corrosion maintenance

Your industrial installations are of vital importance to your company. The condition and maintenance of your new or existing industrial sites determine the productivity of your company. When you have work carried out, you're often obliged to shut down your production, which entails costs. The role of Iris Industry is to limit these downtime costs and to safeguard your industrial equipment against mechanical, chemical and natural degradation.

Facility management based on cost optimization

A more pleasant price tag is often one of the main reasons for deploying a facility management partner. A clear structure of expenses and a more efficient implementation of non-core activities ensures a more positive cost and a better focus on your core business.

That efficiency in carrying out supporting business processes can only be achieved with the necessary expertise and experience, two aspects that cost your company or organization time and money. By using a professional facility partner you limit these costs and you can focus on the core tasks of your company.

Facility management as value creation

Cost savings may be an important factor in the choice for facility management, but an important shift has been taking place in recent years. Terms such as hospitality, agile working, work-life balance and the New Way of Working increasingly dominate the business world and are seen as pillars for a pleasant working life. There is a real shift from a product-driven economy to the experience economy.

This shift has everything to do with a continuous change in how we live, work and form expectations. New times create new needs: we want fast service and delivery, all the tools to make our lives as pleasant as possible, also at work. A working environment is no longer an office, but an environment where people meet, work together, receive customers and preferably in a comfortable way. Employees find it increasingly important to feel good at work. Feeling good relates to different areas: an attractive working environment with good services, fast technology and flexible workplaces. And let that be the responsibility of a professional facility management.

Now you're probably wondering where you'll benefit from all that comfort for your employees. Well, happy employees are good, productive employees. Cliche, but no less true. Employees who feel good in their job and within their working environment will be happy to actively contribute to your company. Which can therefore mean a significant decrease in sickness absence and costs. So if you want to be on the winning side in the ubiquitous 'war on talent' then investing in good facility management is certainly not a superfluous luxury.

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