Extra-Professional Activities on a Resume


When writing your resume, it's not always easy to distinguish your extra-professional activities from your hobbies. Whether they are paid or not, activities that are conducted outside of their work may have their place on your resume in that they represent an asset for your application. They can even appear in a separate section!

What are the extra-professional activities?

You are the treasurer of a sports association, are you involved in a humanitarian organization or do you practice high level mountaineering? Say it in your resume! Just like your professional experiences or interests, these activities highlight your skills and help you learn more about your personality. So even if they are not mandatory, extra-professional activities can add a real "plus" to your resume.

What are the advantages of mentioning your extra-professional activities on a resume?

If you decide to mention your extra-professional activities on your resume, you could benefit from the following advantages:

- expand your area of ​​expertise and show that you are capable of carrying out projects
- show your involvement in social and solidarity projects
- give a positive image by revealing a little more your personality
- show that you are able to combine professional and personal life

What activities to mention?

When you decide to mention your extra-professional activities on your resume, the most important thing is to mention the ones that really hold you in your heart, in which you have been engaged for a long time for example, and that bring you skills for your professional career. . Here are some examples of activities that you can mention:

- You are the treasurer of an association: this can show your ability to manage budgets.
- You are engaged in a high level sports team: you are brave and ready to take on new challenges!
- You are a reservist with the gendarmerie: it shows a certain rigor and shows your commitment in society.
- You are a volunteer in an association: this activity highlights your generosity and your willingness to help others.
- You are committed to a sustainable development project: this highlights your sensitivity for the environment.

What activities not to mention?

In order not to overload your resume, mention only the activities that have a meaning and interest in the position. Indeed, your resume is not there to take stock of all the experiences you have had in your life! Specially that recruiters might wonder if you really have time for your work with all these activities that you lead next.

Every piece of information needs to be thought through and add a plus to your application. Favor recent activities or in which you have been investing for a long time. In the same way, avoid mentioning extra-professional activities that are political, religious or related to any ideology - unless related to the position.

Do not lie about your extra-professional activities

Even if it's sometimes tempting to invent or embellish an extra-professional activity so that it perfectly matches the position, this is not a good idea! During the job interview, it's likely that the recruiter asks you questions about this extra-professional activity (s) and if he / she realizes that you have lied or that you have tried to inflate your resume, it will not have a good image of you. As for the rest of the information in your resume, it's better to play the card of honesty. And if you don't have any extra-professional activities to mention, it doesn't matter! It's better to drop this section than to try to find whatever the cost is.

Talk about extra-professional activities at the job interview

During the job interview, the recruiter may ask you questions about your extra-professional activities if you have mentioned them on your resume. This can be an opportunity to highlight some of your skills or qualities that might be useful for the coveted position! It's therefore important before the job interview to prepare your answers to this type of question so as not to be surprised by your interlocutor.

Our advice

Although they have no obligation to appear on your resume, the extra-professional activities that we carry out may well have their place on your curriculum vitae if they bring a plus to his candidacy. In most cases, these activities allow you to acquire new skills that are useful to your professional life. On the other hand, if you have not carried out any extra-professional activity relevant to the position concerned, don't feel obliged to create such a section and save space for the other parts of your resume!

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