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Executive Search is a service used by professional companies to find the most suitable and relevant candidate for an open position. This is often a candidate with a permanent job, who doesn't actively seek, but who is orientated in a latent way. At the same time, it can also be someone who has made the decision for himself and who is more actively applying for a new job or challenge. Active search or not, that's the big difference between Executive Search and normal recruitment & selection. The main reason that Executive Search exists: the best people or employees are usually employed and rarely 'looking for a new job'. As a competitive company you need the very best people. The right employees are the key to the success of a company.

A company is sometimes in a hostile relationship with executive search firms/agencies, with the conversation focused on price negotiation and terms rather than the value that the agency brings to building the best team and executives for your company. Although you want to ensure that you pay a competitive price for the service of the Executive Search agency, this can be a short-sighted way of doing business.

Instead of focusing purely on price, look at the value that the agency brings, the quality of service and the methodology used. An Executive Search agency can have the lowest price, but also the lowest quality of work. Your goal is to recognize those services that provide added value to your company.

Make sure you help an Executive Search partner with their chances of success. If the contract is too one-sided, the potential new business partner will receive a signal about your dealings with suppliers; not the best way to start a relationship with the company you trust to grow your business.

There are a number of reasons why Executive Search firms can help your company.

Executive Search agencies are experts in a certain discipline

As the owner of the company you're the expert in your chosen field. When you decide to outsource certain tasks, look for a partner whose expertise you trust. Often owners specifically say that they have no experience hiring new executives for their team, after which they decide halfway through the process that they know better themselves. This can strongly influence a search. If you hire a Quality Manager for an audit, don't you stop them halfway to correct their work? Therefore hire the right business partner and rely on their advice. A good business partner wants the same as you, a successful result that ensures a positive growth of your company.

Executive Search firms offer solutions and not just candidates

Working together with an Executive Search agency often leads to better results. They present solutions to your problems and they want to help you succeed. Most can offer them solutions that you haven't even considered. Because they look at your business goals, and understand what makes your business successful, they can coordinate an Executive Search to get the leader to take you further. By looking at your problems from a different perspective, an Executive Search agency can offer a better service.

Executive Search firms train you

Good business partners ensure " the why behind the what " and teach their clients what they can do differently to achieve better results. The focus of the Executive Search agency won't only be on finding a certain talent for your team, but rather on identifying areas for improvement throughout your recruitment process; improvements that can be used for other vacancies long after completing the initial assignment. For this to succeed, your company must be open to learn and work together to improve your hiring process.

The relationship with your Executive Search agency must be a partnership in which both parties work towards a common goal to improve the relationship. In the long term, a solid relationship with your executive search company creates a competitive advantage for your company.

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