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Errors in Performance Assessment

If you formally evaluate people, the interests at stake are too great to make mistakes.

The popularity seems to be somewhat waning recently, but many companies still formally assess how their people are performing. Those assessments form the basis of promotions, salaries, bonuses and even dismissal, so it's important to get a real picture of someone's performance. That is even more difficult than everyone thought. In any case, think carefully about the pros and cons of performance appraisal, an advises employment relationship expert answered these questions: Why do we have a performance assessment system? What do we measure? How do we measure? What is our ultimate goal with these reviews?

The donts

If the above questions lead to the green light, avoid the following common mistakes in the assessment process:

1- base an employee's assessment on his most recent behavior rather than on the entire performance period

2- allow irrelevant or non-work-related factors to influence the assessment

3- failure to include comments about a person's weaknesses in the assessment (although they are entirely justified)

4- allow one very good or very bad score to influence all other scores

5- allow personal feelings to influence the assessment process

6- assume that the employee understands the assessment process (explain the purpose of each part of the process)

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