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The ERP Software Application

Various specialists in the field of ERP software publish articles about the application, selection and implementation of ERP packages as knowledge partners. This article gives a vision on the application and developments of ERP software.


Certainly in SMEs, the more the ERP software meets the needs of a user, the better. With the current range of ERP systems there is always the danger of purchasing a much too complex package. Anyone looking for a means of transport with which he can go in all directions may come home with a helicopter, while he needed a cargo bike. In fact, the rule applies: the more simplicity, the better off. To assess which ERP software fits best with an organization, three things are important: specific reporting needs, linking with external systems and adjustments in the user interface to the working method of the company. The possibilities of the system in these three areas are decisive when purchasing ERP software.

Value for business operations

Small and medium-sized make-to-order production companies nowadays have to survive in a market that's subject to increasing demands and changes. This makes flexibility necessary. In the current market, the ability to quickly meet production changes is a decisive competitive advantage. Industry-specific ERP software is one of the solutions for this. In production companies, questions regarding capacity, workload and availability of materials often arise:

- Can we produce a product for a customer on the date that's requested?
- Do we have the necessary materials and resources available?
- How far in the future are we fully planned with the current range of orders?
- Which work is overdue or should this be completed this week?

The answers to these questions and the integration of all critical business units through the right ERP software provide a grip on the case. This contributes to better uniform business management and the profitability of every organization. It gives you more time to focus on what is really important.

Switch to new ERP software

Implementing new ERP software is a good opportunity to review the processes and procedures. In practice, it's always a challenge to manage both processes at the same time. The implementation processes of ERP Software are always accompanied by an additional time investment from the departments involved and the steps that must be followed. Most of the time is taken up by rewriting and / or recording procedures and work instructions. It's therefore important that those involved can delegate certain daily activities to other employees during the implementation process. The result of the efforts is that information is made accessible to everyone through an ERP system. This can cause a shift in functions and responsibilities. In many cases, employees are given more responsibility for their own job area. The result of the switch to ERP software is ultimately determined by the behavior of the individuals in practice. These are the real critical factors in an implementation!

Developments around ERP software

The past five years have seen a trend in standardized and sector-specific applications, where user-friendly user interfaces have become a standard. Today we have entry-level solutions and solutions that focus on often complex, industry-specific business processes. The application of barcode scanners and forms of paperless production is no longer strange for many organizations. As well as the current use and application of the internet. The far-reaching data exchange in the total supply chain, through web stores, EDI and direct integration of e-mail functions, has been simplified. Standardization in technology, as well as the affordability of the current ERP software, makes it possible for every type of company to provide a suitable solution.


We expect extensive specialization from suppliers in certain fields. At the technological level, the application of web-based and mobile solutions, which can work platform-independent, will further set the trend.

Developments at this ERP supplier

Provide specializes in production companies, has experience in traditional ERP software, production administration, integration of software with CAD / PLM and interfacing with many modern data devices. We believe that we can deliver real added value to our customers through specialization in customer order driven and make to stock production companies. The continuous training and certification of employees is our guarantee of quality. In addition, we work closely together in a network of specialized partners.

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