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Opting for ERP in The Cloud

Which considerations about 'ERP in the cloud' are worthwhile and help you make a decision about applying ERP software as a cloud solution?

If you're not in the IT business, why would you still want to be in it? It's a serious question that's worth considering. If you want to manage the hardware, software and infrastructure for your company internally, this can be enormously burdensome. Often, previous IT investments quickly fall into disuse, and the IT staff you need to implement, manage, and maintain these resources doesn't benefit the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). As a future-oriented company, why not opt ​​for a solid ERP solution in the cloud?

Cloud solution considerations

The following considerations play a role in your choice of ERP in the cloud:

- Use a first-class IT infrastructure through a guaranteed contract with a fixed subscription
- Reach the flexibility you need so that your IT resources can virtually grow with your business.
- Reduce your IT costs, avoid inactive resources and significantly reduce your investment costs.
- Redistribute your IT resources so that you can fully focus on the most important issues.
- Choose a partner who sets up a complete IT department from the top shelf for you and manages it remotely, with all the necessary backup and recovery services you need.

Optimize your resources and control your costs

If you have never considered going virtual with your IT infrastructure, then you probably have many questions. Is your data protected? Which applications work best in the cloud? What happens when newer versions of the software become available? How do you implement a cloud strategy without disrupting your business activities? The answer lies in the choice of your cloud provider and even more in the choice of implementation.

Possibilities of implementation

Software as a Service (SaaS)

- Applications delivered from the cloud, using deep virtual and physical server parks accessible with various devices through a browser.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

- Applications delivered as a service, for users to implement and use over the network whenever they wish.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

- Raw computing power and storage offered as a service, with metered billing that users can use to run different software, from operating systems to platforms and applications.

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