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Optimization of ERP Software

If ERP software no longer meets current requirements and wishes, replacement is often the first thought. In view of the organizational, technical and financial implications thereof, it may be wise to first look at possibilities to optimize existing software. Parts of the existing software can be replaced and new modules added. There are even solutions where software, which uses highly outdated platforms and techniques, is completely rewritten to a new solution that meets modern standards. The functionality is retained, so that users hardly have to deal with a transition. The organization can continue through ERP optimization with new, improved software without significant implementation time.

Improve current ERP system

Standard solutions are constantly evolving, which translates into regular updates and new releases. Improvements and optimization can then be easily implemented. An ever-increasing number of ERP suppliers offers the possibility to transfer the software to the cloud. Instead of keeping the software installed on your own hardware, the software is offered as a service through the internet. Once you're a user of this ERP in the cloud, updates and new releases play an even smaller role. Your software provider simply runs that continuously in the background. ERP optimization and improvement of the software have then become part of the service.

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