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Open Source ERP Software

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Various ERP systems are offered as an open source solution. Often as free software, but this certainly doesn't have to be the case.

Different from other ERP software

Characteristic of open source software is the freely available source code, which consists of the program lines with which the application is composed. With open source software, users are free to use the program rules and therefore also adjust, expand or delete them. This requires no approval from the developers who initially created the source code. The development of a software solution often continues, thanks to the input of more and more users of the software who devise and make adjustments themselves. With almost all commercial ERP software, the source code has to be paid for and this is secret. Users rent the program or purchase the user right in the form of a license. The possibilities to adjust the software themselves are limited, for which the supplier's cooperation is required.

Open source ERP systems

Various systems are offered as open source software, often for free. You can read about it in the ERP software overview. Some suppliers of open source ERP software are Odoo, ERPNext, iDempiere and webERP. When choosing the system that best fits your business process.

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