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ERP Software for Your Industry

ERP software is used within organizations to support all processes. As soon as you orientate yourself on ERP software, it's important that you look for an ERP package that matches your company and business activities. There are several types of ERP packages available for different industries.

Why ERP for the manufacturing industry?

There are three main reasons for automating a production process:

- Time saving
- Cost reduction
- Competitive advantage

To be able to cope with the competition, fast delivery of products is important in addition to quality. ERP can play an important role in this. With the arrival of ERP software, entering data in multiple departments within companies is a thing of the past. Data is entered once and then it's available in every department within a company. Because all business processes, such as customer relationship management, logistics, planning and business administration, are interconnected, all information is accessible and usable for everyone in the company. This saves companies time, costs and thus competitive advantage, partly because products can be delivered faster.

Resistors ERP

Companies that are reluctant to apply new ERP software often use the arguments 'too expensive', 'too complex', 'too extensive' or 'my company is too small'. Below is the argument that the opposite of these objections supports.

Not expensive

Companies that switch to automating their production process with our software, recoup their investment in an average of 1 -1 ½ years. Together with the cost reduction that ERP delivers, it can be concluded that ERP software isn't expensive.

Not complex

One reason why there are different ERP packages on the market is that they have been compiled by people from the industry for which the software is made. This results in ERP that's practice-oriented, that's written in understandable jargon and can therefore be applied quickly.

For everyone

ERP isn't just for larger companies. Specially at smaller companies, where one person has multiple hats - administrator, work planner, planner etc. - working efficiently and well-organized is a must.

Choose what is needed

Not every company is the same. That's why ERP packages have been developed that can be put together as desired. Companies only purchase what is needed to be able to produce more efficiently in daily practice.

Links with other software

Companies often already have business supporting software in-house, such as a financial, a CAD / CAM and / or a tool management package. ERP software can often be linked to this. This creates a combination of the best between the software products, which leads to an efficient method.

ERP in the future

In the future, ERP software offers even faster access to data, there are more online applications and there is 24/7 availability. This is anticipated in the form of mobile applications, such as for CRM, and agenda mobile applications that are accessible through PC, laptop and mobile phone. This means that information is available everywhere and always.

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