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ERP Software for The Wholesale Trade

Industry-specific ERP software is increasingly replacing standard ERP solutions. Specific ERP packages are also available for wholesalers. Better than the general ERP software, they are able to automate wholesale business processes from one integrated solution. How do these systems differ from general, universally applicable ERP software? Read here what features distinguish ERP software for wholesalers.

ERP and the wholesaler

In the wholesale sector it's also important to be able to make the right assessment of costs versus benefits. Insight into all your costs and benefits makes it easier to make the right decision. The aim is to reduce costs and to continue to serve your customers optimally without compromising on service. Your customers respond to more than just price, quality and reliability.

If you want to meet the wishes in terms of assortment, service and information, it's important that you start up good automation. Such a system provides insight into the most important work processes at all times. That insight then offers your organization new opportunities for growth and development.

Insight into processes

ERP for the wholesaler ensures that you have insight into the most important processes at any time (such as purchasing, sales, inventory management, customer relationship management, warehouse automation, logistics, invoicing). And everything is available under one button. A good ERP system for a wholesaler can offer you even more benefits, but that depends on the status of your company and your employees. Not every company is immediately so far that the most extensive functionality must be made available in the workplace. AWAY: Every marathon starts with the first running training ... Having information is crucial to making the right decisions. However, collecting information alone isn't enough. It's all about how you interpret all that information. That provides the required added value for your customer.

Real-time insight

Changes in the assortment, in your organization or at your suppliers or customers must be able to be implemented effortlessly. Only as a user will you always have up-to-date insight. If you can let the users enter these changes yourself, the benefit is even greater: you'll not depend on external expertise.


If you have an optimally designed ERP system focused on wholesalers, you're able to fully optimize and automate your trading processes and you have control over the most important processes at all times. Of course the system provides direct insight into the financial situation, the status of invoices and deliveries. Issues such as deploying eCommerce applications become a lot easier for your organization through all those insights. Online marketing and the use of different communication channels provide important benefits in terms of speed, flexibility and customer focus.

The profitability of your organization is increased because information is available, your employees immediately know the status of deliveries, insight into payments, currencies, logistics and assortment. In short, profitability is increased through optimum insight into the entire chain: from purchase to delivery and everything that comes with it, with, for and with all stakeholders.

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