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ERP Software for The Manufacturing Industry

The life cycle of products is becoming shorter and the number of variants is increasing. What does this mean for the use of ERP software and what requirements must be set for ERP software for the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing industry

From pure 'product manufacturer', companies evolve to 'suppliers of solutions'. This evolution places new demands on organizational forms and systems in the manufacturing industry. Companies shouldn't only concentrate on designing and manufacturing products, but also on the full management of their use at the customer. How can this be reconciled with the need to reduce costs?


In order to successfully combine cost leadership and differentiation, it will be important to pay close attention to cooperation, in addition to scale, improved production technology and flexibility in supply.

Because collaboration with specialized partners makes flexible customization ('mass customization') possible and increases the speed of response to changes in the market. Moreover, collaboration in chains increases the chances of successful innovation. After all, the development of complex products often requires various technical competencies that aren't available within the company. The costs - which can no longer be incurred alone - are also spread over the cooperating parties.

Requirements for ERP software

All this means that organizations also have new requirements for the ERP system. The software must be flexible and able to move with the organization, all things that were not self-evident until recently. ERP is no longer an island, but has to be integrated with other software inside and outside the company walls. Because customers and suppliers expect nothing less than to be proactively informed in real time. Investing in ERP software for the manufacturing industry is therefore investing in technology that creates added value for your customers.

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