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ERP Software for The Fruit and Vegetable Sector

Industry-specific ERP software is increasingly replacing universal ERP solutions. There are also targeted ERP systems for the fruit and vegetable sector. Better than the general ERP software, they are able to automate business processes within the fruit and vegetable sector from one integrated solution. Read here what makes ERP software special for the fruit and vegetable sector.


In a market with perishable products, the entire production and delivery process is under great pressure. All those involved - exporters, importers and packaging companies - are aware of this pressure and do everything they can to achieve the highest possible efficiency at the lowest possible costs. And deliver the customers what they asked for at the time they want it. See here the tension of the fruit and vegetable sector (Potatoes, Vegetable Fruit).

It's all about delivering the right products to the right customers at the right time, at the right price. As an entrepreneur in the fruit and vegetable sector you're confronted on a daily basis with choices that determine the future of your company: composition, quality and price of your assortment, prices for your buyers, your purchasing (contracts), the deployment of employees, where and the quantity.. In short, a complex combination of factors that determine the success of your company. An ERP system for the fruit and vegetable sector can support you in this.


It's crucial that your choices meet your sales, gross profit, number of customers, average customer spending, productivity of your employees and ultimately the effectiveness of your entire business. Fluctuations in supply and demand (due to elementary issues such as too hot / cold weather), deviations in production (poor / very good harvest) largely determine the (gross) margins, the production or purchasing costs, etc. Of course you want this quickly and can adjust adequately. This is possible with ERP software for fruit and vegetable companies.

Moreover, you would prefer to do so on the basis of complete and up-to-date information from your own company, but also have the opportunity to take input from the entire production chain into account: what is available where at what time in people and resources? You want to be able to view this information both daily and weekly as well as in the long (er) term and adjust your business processes accordingly. You want to be able to adjust prices, calculate cost prices, invoice, manage your stock, optimize your warehouse and deliveries. You want insight into the entire production and delivery process. In short, you want to have access to a modern IT solution that offers all these insights, preferably for your own sector, the fruit and vegetable sector. An ERP system for the fruit and vegetable sector is such a solution.

Options with an ERP package

Many companies in the fruit and vegetable sector still have (too) little insight into the possibilities of such a solution and remain struggling with stand-alone solutions or half-solutions. Integration, speed and optimization of all available benefits are then far to be found.

In short, what you need is an ERP package that gives you answers to questions about sales (quick search and registration), sales prices (calculate and charge costs), invoicing, claims and credit registration, including feedback to the purchasing parties. solutions are already available. In addition to the standard functionality that every ERP system offers, there are solutions that can be set up with specific functionality tailored to the fruit and vegetable sector.

After all, you also want insight into the transport costs in order to be able to pass them on (where applicable)? But not only that, you also want to know from a purely practical point of view what the most efficient walking locations are for optimum order picking. And 'last but not least' you want to know if your customers are still creditworthy, so as not to come up with unpleasant surprises. On the other side of the chain, the purchasing side, the same stringent requirements apply; you want to know what the flag is like at any time. What did you purchase from whom, at what prices and agreements, who else is involved (commission), which quantities are fixed and which are variable, what are the transport costs from the supplier to your organization and so on. All these factors are recorded and can be viewed in an ERP system for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Software provides total overview

For the total overview, well-designed ERP software for the fruit and vegetable sector also has the possibility to record all actions and administration concerning stock management: from stock locations to transferring goods; from storage for third parties to linking several locations. And finally you have all the required financial insights, as a reflection of all those business processes, up to and including a possible link to systems of other parties in the chain. So that you can share the joint insights and all can take maximum advantage of an ERP solution for the fruit and vegetable sector.

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