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ERP Software for The Food Industry

Specific automation solutions are increasingly appearing for the food sector. ERP software also has variants that have been specially developed for the food industry. The question is how these systems differ from general, universally applicable ERP software. In this article you can read about the specifics of ERP solutions for the food sector.

ERP and food

It's expected that (quality) requirements and standards such as BRC / IFS will put margins under pressure: costs will rise to be able to meet those standards and requirements, while the revenues will not necessarily increase.

The trick is therefore to reduce other costs and to use resources, information, people and resources as efficiently as possible. For this it's important that parties invest in effective IT solutions such as warehousing and handling (the fewer human actions the better and cheaper the entire delivery process). ERP software for the food industry is also one of those IT solutions that can provide insight into products, stocks, costs, benefits, people and resources at any desired moment.


Certainly in the food industry, certifications are distinctive. But the reality is that many suppliers obtain certifications at an individual level, without thinking about what it would be like if you would work together within a certain (closed) production and supply chain. If there are parties without that certification, the entire process can be undermined. Collaboration at chain level saves costs, provides more insight and reduces risks. Managing and optimizing purchases, stocks, distribution networks and logistics are all essential characteristics of an extremely competitive industry. Can you coordinate this with your chain partners and you're a buyer. Then as a total chain you're distinctive rather than individual and that can be decisive for (many international) customers.

Specific ERP package

If there is a market that revolves around specific requirements, time and fluctuations in supply and demand, it's the food industry. Sometimes governed by the issues of the day, you must always be able to respond to this as a company. Otherwise the competition is one step ahead of you. A well-designed ERP for the food industry offers all the tools to save soapy water and the maximum benefit. Because you know exactly what it's about who, where and when in the business process. An ERP package that has been specially developed for the food industry offers, in addition to the standard functionality that every ERP system has, additional functionalities, fully tailored to the products and processes in that market. And: with targeted management information.

ERP functionalities

Specific for the food industry are functionalities such as the planning module (optimal deployment of people and resources), the Personnel module (registration of all personnel including name and address data), the Mass Balance module (to keep track of initial and final stock and to explain differences further), the financial module (for invoicing and statistics of debtors and creditors), the Commercial Management module gives you all the insights and cross-sections in the customer information (what are the wishes, agreements and who is the contact person).

Of course, insight into efficiency can't be lacking. It can keep a record of the causes of delays in delivery or other defective items. And so there are many additional modules to be set up for an ERP package for the food industry, such as purchasing, stocks, track & tracing (keeping track of what is on the way), specifications (product assemblies) and master tables (in which you can find all information about raw materials, packaging materials, brand names, models, product groups etc.). All of which are welcome additions that the use of such an ERP software solution for the food industry for your company can make the difference between serious profit or marginal profit and perish.

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