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ERP Software for SMEs

In the past it was only the large (international) companies that used ERP software, where all information about logistics, business processes and resources were made transparent. These days, however, that overview is just as important for SMEs.


The medium-sized and small (er) enterprise must also be able to compete with the competition. For that you must have all the current information from your processes, about the people and the means to take targeted action. ERP software for SMEs is a means to get those insights from one clear system. After all, the competitor of SMEs is no longer on the corner of the street, but everywhere.

That can therefore also be on the other side of the world. When you sleep, the competitor wakes up and vice versa. It's therefore crucial to have insight into relevant business information at any time. Whoever has access to it by using the right software has a clear competitive advantage; an advantage that (also) in the longer term can be an important success factor for the company.

Meaning of ERP

ERP staat voor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Dat was de naam die aan dergelijke, toen nog grootschalige, systemen werd gegeven. Een ERP systeem biedt grote en MKB ondernemingen de mogelijkheid om alle gegevens uit die genoemde logistieke, administratieve en financiƫle bedrijfsprocessen te registreren, te organiseren, te automatiseren en te monitoren. Vooral dat laatste levert de grootste voordelen: het kunnen bijsturen aan de hand van de bevindingen die uit de informatie in het ERP systeem is te halen. Op basis van actuele en volledige informatie kunt u bedrijfsprocessen aansturen op efficiency, effectiviteit en snelheid. Het stelt u als onderneming in staat om sneller te kunnen acteren op ontwikkelingen in de markt.

By keeping a grip on essential issues such as stock, finances, orders, quotes and service and combining this with the available knowledge about opportunities and threats in the market, you create a unique market position. If you know, rather than the competitor, which products and services are doing well in the market, what needs (latent) are present and where the market is moving, you're the buyer.

Large ERP systems

Until recently, these insights were reserved for large companies that had the money to invest in such systems. It was expensive, the implementation was complicated and drastic and the use was certainly not always that simple. That has changed. In addition to those large systems including SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards, a large number of providers in the market have focused on application in the SME segment. Companies with a few tens to several hundred employees have to deal with the same need for flexibility and insight as the large multinational companies. An investment in ERP software for SMEs, in which all relevant (process) information for optimal business operations can be stored, managed and automated,

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In an economy that increasingly operates and interacts globally, regardless of which market you're in, it's necessary to be able to respond quickly and alertly to changes. You must always be able to base decisions on the right data. And that's exactly what ERP software can also offer SMEs. In addition, most ERP systems nowadays can also be linked to other additional, very specific information systems, such as in a hospital environment. However, most functionality is already included in the ERP software as standard.

Selection of ERP software for SMEs

There is a lot available in the market when it comes to ERP systems. One is more suitable for SMEs than the other. Good preparation prior to actual implementation is therefore extremely important.

What do you want to achieve? What is the dot on the horizon? Where is the company going? What resources can be deployed to achieve the goal? How great is the commitment of management in the organization? How are the employees in it? All questions that must be answered before you continue. If you have these items in a row and all noses are in the same direction - still with the right guidance both internally and perhaps externally - then the puzzle pieces fall into place.

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