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ERP and Business Services Providers

ERP solutions are increasingly developing into specific solutions for an industry. ERP software has also been developed for business service providers that's specifically aimed at the integrated automation of their business processes. Read more about ERP for business service providers here.

ERP applications

The critical customer of today demands professionalism, customization but at the cost of standard work and commitment. He doesn't want to be a number but 'top of mind'. That actually applies to all markets, but certainly to the business services market. A market with great versatility, strong competition and great price pressure. As a service organization you'll be confronted with increasingly complex areas of work and assignments and with multiple partners working on the same project at the same time.

Add to this the fact that on the one hand the customer takes more time to decide and on the other hand more and more last-minute decisions. And you must be able to respond to that. Moreover, the price is the most important argument for his decision. Because he has difficulty estimating the intellectual value of your service.

Customer retention and customer satisfaction

The correct use of IT tools - such as ERP software for business services - can help you keep costs down, efficiency high and effectiveness high. Only under those conditions can you respond to the requested flexibility, in all respects. If you're able to properly organize your primary processes with that ERP package for business service providers, this means that customer retention and customer satisfaction, cost control and margin improvement, optimization of internal processes, support for new forms of cooperation and, last but not least, an integrated information provision. If you can rely on the completeness and topicality of the data and insights that are available to you through an ERP package, you can fully concentrate on your services. You're completely in control ...

Functionalities ERP package

A well-designed ERP system for business services offers you insight in the financial field, in the field of HRM, CRM, and so on, in an integral context. So everything in the right connection with each other. Data isn't separate from each other, they affect all / many parts of your business and ultimately the success of your business. HRM and payroll functionality gives you timely insight into the availability of people, costs and also provides you with guidance on legislation and regulations. The integration of your ERP package with your customer data provides insight into who has what needs and when which service has been purchased, or where possible new opportunities lie on cross- and up-selling.

ERP modules

Specific additional modules tailored to your market from the ERP package for planning, budgeting and forecasting provide you with tools to quickly respond to changes in market needs. Agility (agility and flexibility) of your organization determine the success. The customer asks and you deliver. If these modules are well designed, they work fully integrated and provide detailed insights.

Responding to changes

An ERP package for business services is able to automate all back office processes. The system thus makes an important cost reduction possible for the entire organization. Administrative tasks are relieved and with the transparency of processes, people and resources offered, you have the opportunity to follow what is going on in your organization at any time. And with your customers! You can intervene quickly and effectively where required. Moreover, a good picture of all people and resources, costs and revenues sometimes yields surprising insights and opportunities for new services.

The integrated information insights from your ERP software for business service providers offer good opportunities for adequate analysis. Everything changes rapidly in business. It's up to you to respond appropriately.

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