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ERP Selection Preparation

The success of an ERP project depends on various factors. Think of involved top management and strict monitoring of the scope of the project. But the most important and perhaps the most obvious criterion is sometimes forgotten: good preparation. Successful ERP processes have in common that the company or institution has taken ample time to select a package and partner.

1. Together with the management, answer the question: what is the reason for the project?

The question 'what will the future ERP system provide us with?' is an important one. Define this as much as possible SMART. It's essential that all project participants are aware of the purpose of the implementation.

2. Discuss with management what it may cost.

Make sure you know exactly what the budget is. Then you don't have to worry about all the ins and outs of packages that require too large an investment. And take your organization and your needs into account. It's not desirable to end with a package that's too large.

3. Form a cross functional team of people from the organization.

Select on overview, inquisitiveness, support and team spirit and combine experience with youthful enthusiasm. Although the knowledge of all processes must be present in the team, this doesn't necessarily mean that every department must be represented.

4. Explain to the team what an ERP system is and what the organization wants to achieve with it.

Inform the team about how a selection process proceeds and how suppliers behave in such a process.

5. Take ample time to properly record the business processes. Has that already happened? Then review them with the team.

There is no doubt about how the processes are or should be. Take the time to smooth that out, but don't go into too much detail. It's important that you try to limit yourself to the 'what' and stay away from the 'how'. In this way you create the space to adapt to the operation of the package later in the process.

6. Determine which processes are crucial for your organization.

In what area are you significantly better than the rest? Go deeper into those processes and also describe the 'how'. You don't want to make concessions on the package on these processes.


If you go through this step-by-step plan, you know what you want to achieve and what characteristics the system must have. For the crucial processes you even already know how the solution should work. With this information you can start the conversation with your ERP supplier with confidence.

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