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Overview About ERP and Machine Building

Just like in almost every industry where products have to be made, there is also great price pressure in machine construction. If you want to distinguish yourself in that market you'll have to be fast, flexible and innovative. And to meet those conditions, you must have a complete, up-to-date and integrated information system, tailored to your market: an ERP package for machine building. In recent years, more and more ERP solutions have appeared specifically for machine builders. Here you can read what makes ERP software specific for machine and equipment construction organizations.

Insight and quality

Speed, quality and cost will remain important. Whether you opt for the assembly of standard parts or for the added value of customization. For that you need insight into your processes and inventory. As a machine or device builder, you produce machines or modules of machines, one-off or recurring. And whether you design yourself or receive the drawings (digitally), the monitoring of delivery times, budgets and lead times are crucial for project management.

By carefully coordinating parts lists, production and delivery of semi-finished products, a machine can be planned in phases and the semi-finished products can be released for production at different times. Then everything is in place for timely assembly. For that assembly, purchasing and inventory control are important in the process. A tight and coordinated schedule immediately highlights potential problem purchases. The same planning provides the material and data for outsourcing advice. This provides detailed insight into project progress and provides you with insight and quality.

Functionalities ERP package

An ERP package for machine building must provide specific functions to meet your requirements. This varies from reading parts lists from a CAD system and quoting to assembly planning at the employee level, insights into reserved and freely available stock to management on lead times and cost price development. And from invoicing in installments to insight into purchasing or outsourcing and time registration to logistics & warehouse management. Then it's only logical that ERP software offers you handles for digital document exchange and information sharing, in the most diverse digital formats.

Benefits of ERP

Only when you have access to all that data, insights and process monitoring are you able to successfully guide your company to the next decades. An ERP system for machine building is tailored to the specific problems and needs of your market. It's much more than 'just' a generic system that's full of generalities that you really can't do anything with. You need information about your company, your market and your production process. That's exactly what an ERP package for machine building offers you. Down to the smallest details and optionally linked to all common underlying systems with which you already work. Or what your suppliers work with. This efficiency in (timely) sharing of information pays off twice and for all.

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