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Overview About ERP and Installation Industry

An ERP package is increasingly being developed for a specific sector or application. This is no different for the installation sector. As an installation company or installer you now have a choice of various ERP solutions, the functionality of which is focused on the business processes with which the installation sector has to deal. In this article the details of this ERP software are further explained.

Anyone who wants to come along in the construction, utility and infrastructure facilities must be able to meet all sorts of compelling obligations and deal with raw materials, resources and information as efficiently as possible. They are familiar with that phenomenon in the installation sector. In fact, they are largely active in the aforementioned markets and have been under considerable pressure for some time. Everyone now knows the malaise in (among other things) construction. Although this market is slowly picking up again, it's precisely those who have focused on deploying tools that provide them with the right insights that immediately take the lead. ERP software for installation companies is such an effective and efficient tool, whereby the user obtains all the desired insights. It can therefore meet the most important requirements in the market: flexible,


Those high demands on quality and efficiency have an impact on your entire organization, from high to low. You must be able to calculate quickly and accurately. Your company has died down without a good margin. You have to deliver quality and on time, otherwise you'll lose a lot of time and money with repairs or claims. Nobody is waiting for that. ERP systems for Installers help you with this. Modern, flexible and specifically developed software for your industry, entirely focused on a dynamic project environment. This ERP software also offers seamless integration with the uniform article file for the installation sector (2BA).

Optimal operational management

A lot of installation work is carried out in new construction, renovation and maintenance of houses, utility buildings and infrastructure works. Monitoring these projects and supporting business processes is essential for the installation sector. It not only makes you a reliable partner, but also capable of delivering quality at the right conditions. Good ERP software offers a helping hand. And the advantage of working with ERP software that's specifically tailored to installers is that, in addition to general insights, you also discover things that are so typical of your market. It enables you to optimize your business operations, monitor projects, processes and budgets, and at a considerably less administrative burden.

Standard ERP or more

ERP software for the installation sector is nowadays available in a standard version or a more extensive version, intended for installers with multiple operating companies. For example, mechanics also regularly work on projects of sister companies.

This is automatically taken into account when booking the weekly statements. In addition, the extended version has an umbrella relationship and article file. Both the standard and the extended version give you the option to choose from various extensions; so you only buy the modules that apply to your business.

Functionality ERP software

ERP systems for installation companies provide integration with all conceivable disciplines within the primary business process: (CRM, pre-calculation, work preparation, planning, purchasing and logistics, project administration, service management, invoicing, financial administration). In addition, as already mentioned, there is full support for working with the Uniform Article file (2BA), a CRM module that integrates with MS Office, an automatic link from pre-calculation to material state work budget, purchase orders and project budgeting.

All project related documents, photos, drawings, etc., are stored in a digital project file and give all involved parties the right insight at any time. Something that's more common in the installation sector is that work that's partly still in progress places a large burden on liquid assets. Therefore ERP software offers installers flexible options for taking financial results from work in progress. That gives the company air at set times. Naturally, an extensive report, contract and service module and self-defined document layout are among the standard equipment for this industry. Just like an extensive financial administration. If it concerns an extensive version of the ERP software, there is an integral operating company structure available within the database,


Adding other standard modules and options, such as: fixed assets, current account, management assistant, document management, salary and personnel information are standard. If you're looking for a solution that can safely lead you to the next level in the future, you're on the right track; the solution is fully scalable in both the number of administrations and the number of users. Adequate ERP software for installation companies gives you control over business operations and enables you to control costs and quality management.

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