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Once the step has been made to get started with an ERP package, it's time to choose an appropriate ERP package and the supplier that offers the software package that fits your company. This isn't an easy task and must be taken carefully.

Tips to Choose Suitable ERP Package

- Come and visit friendly companies that are in a similar industry and ask which ERP package they work with. Ask if they can show globally how the package works. In this way you can form a picture of the possibilities and compile your own wish list.

- Use online search options and compile a shortlist of up to 3 ERP suppliers. More isn't advisable, there is a good chance that it will become unclear.

- Ask the three ERP providers on the shortlist to give a demo based on a pre-supplied business case.

- We experience that companies often make it too difficult for themselves to make the right choice in an ERP selection process. Just use common sense and don't bother with terminology. Ask yourself what the goal is that you want to achieve with ERP.

- When making the choice, pay attention to whether the package offers added value and quality. Most ERP packages perform the same trick. But what are the extra options that stand out for companies? What distinguishes an ERP supplier? Which supplier offers quality?

- Choose a user interface that's structured in such a way that only the information that's relevant to that specific user is shown. This allows work to be carried out faster.

- The future for ERP can be found in even faster access to data, online applications and 24/7 availability. Choose a supplier that responds to this and offers mobile applications such as CRM and agenda applications. which are accessible through PC, laptop and mobile phone. In this way information is available everywhere and always.

- Ensure realistic objectives and expectations and ensure sufficient support in the company.

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