Benefits of ERP in The Cloud


Most software solutions have a version for 'in the cloud' or have been specially developed for this.

What is ERP in the cloud?

The 'Cloud' or 'SaaS' is an IT infrastructure that's not located in your own server at the office (on-premise hardware), but in an online (remote) data server. This makes cloud solutions secure web services that require no hardware, backups, maintenance, and updates. Because all systems are fully integrated and up to date, project managers, consultants, project administrators and all employees in the finance department always have a grip on their projects and access to the information they need at that time.


A cloud solution offers various advantages over traditional software. Traditional software, for example, is very expensive because it must be installed on the hard drive of the computer or server. This isn't necessary with a cloud solution. In addition, a cloud solution doesn't have to be purchased and updated every year. This also saves costs. Only an internet connection is necessary to get started. Project ERP in the cloud is pre-configured and based on the best practices of thousands of professional service providers. This allows organizations to benefit directly from the specialized knowledge and to get started very quickly with a solution that optimally supports the project organization, projects and consultants.

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