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Entrepreneurship Definition

Doing business is possible in many different ways. For example, if the choice is made to become an entrepreneur, you can choose from different forms of enterprise. But in addition to legal or tax aspects, there are also many differences for the entrepreneur himself. What exactly are the differences between these forms of entrepreneurship, and when are you an entrepreneur and when are you not?

What is Entrepreneurship

Independent entrepreneurship is the organization of labor and capital with the aim of making products and / or providing services. In commercial organizations, there is a company where risks are run and where the pursuit of profit is necessary for survival.

Whether you opt for staff, a franchise formula or part-time working from home with the aim of writing a book; all forms ultimately have the goal of achieving a positive result with services or products on a financial level, and can therefore be seen as entrepreneurship.

Broad definition

The above definition is fairly broad. It's for good reason that many different forms of entrepreneurship have emerged. For example, sustainable business isn't the same as safe business, while the meaning of these words has a lot of overlap. In addition, it'll be clear to everyone that a director of a branch of a large international franchise organization does business differently than a self-employed person. Nevertheless, it's not surprising to think that the second person feels more like an entrepreneur.

When exactly are you an entrepreneur?

When are you an entrepreneur and when are you not? Unfortunately, no black-and-white answer can be given about this. It depends strongly on the context in which you see it. For example, what are the differences between an individual who earns a lot of money through an online marketplace and an entrepreneur who runs a small web store from home? The easiest way is to look at a Chamber of Commerce registration. Once you have registered, you have become an entrepreneur. Don't you have this? Then you're probably working as a hobby.

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