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Enterprise content management or Enterprise Content Management " ECM " is responsible for collecting automatically and centrally, in addition to managing company information. The ECM consists of the combination of work policies, strategies and methods. The ECM software is responsible for monitoring the practical operation of established procedures.

What makes up the ECM?

Enterprise content management is composed of several complex processes. According to the traditional view, the ECM is composed of:

- Document Management System " DMS " which is responsible for storing, managing and controlling the flow of documents within an organization.
- Collaboration: cooperation between users both within support systems and within shared computer programs.
- Web Content Management " WCM " consisting of writing, collaboration and use of management tools and web portals pages..
- - Records Management: which includes all documents " and even multimedia files " that are stored within a company.
- - Workflows: which consists of the automated movement of documents through a correlation of actions related to a business process.
- - Business Process Management " BPM " which tries to develop, optimize and successfully execute business processes.

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