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What is an Employment Contract Template

An employment contract template is a model document that you create and format to provide the basic structure for a job contract. All you have to do is simply edit the document template to include the contract information for any position.

Main Advantages of Using an Employment Contract Template

You get a sense of what information to include in your employment contract and how to arrange it. You also get a sense of what information you don't need to include.

Example of an Employment Contract Template

Note: The following example is good for outlining some of the important elements you may need to include in your job contract template.

The Undersigned:

[name of company], established in [place], legally represented by: [name], in the position of [job name], hereinafter referred to as employer,


[name of employee], born in [place], on [date], residing [address] in [place], hereinafter referred to as employee,

Declare to have agreed as follows:

Entry into service and position

The employee enters the employ of the employer on [date] in the position of [name of position]. The employee will perform the position in or from the establishment [address and place].


The employment contract is entered into for an indefinite period. However, the employment contract ends by operation of law on the last day of the month in which the employee reaches retirement age.

Notice periods

With due observance of the statutory notice periods, both the employer and the employee are authorized to terminate the employment contract in writing. The employment contract can only be terminated at the end of a calendar month.

Probationary period

The probationary period is [number, maximum two months] weeks / months. During this probationary period, both the employer and the employee can terminate the employment with immediate effect.

Working hours

The working hours for the employee are [number] hours per week. The working week runs from [first working day in week] to [last working day in week]. The working day starts at [start time] and ends at [time of termination] hour. The break lasts [number] hours and falls in any case between [earliest time] hour and [latest time] hour.


The gross monthly salary of the employee upon commencement of employment is € [amount]. The salary is paid no later than the last day of the month into a bank or giro account to be designated by the employee.


The employee is entitled to [number, for a full working week, 20 vacation days is the legal minimum] vacation days per calendar year with retention of salary. The holidays can be taken in consultation with the employer. At least [number] weeks must be taken consecutively. In the year of commencement of employment, the employee is entitled to [number of] vacation days.

Holiday allowance

The employee is entitled to an annual holiday allowance of [percentage, minimum 8%]% of the gross salary. The holiday allowance is calculated over the period between June 1 and May 31. If the employment started or terminated prematurely, the holiday allowance is calculated in proportion to the number of months that the employee has been employed. The holiday allowance is paid in one installment in June.


In case of illness, the employee is obliged to report sick to [name of official] before [time]. In the event of illness or incapacity for work, the employee is entitled to continued payment of [percentage] for a maximum period of [number] weeks, the statutory minimum percentage is 70% with the minimum wage]% of the wage as the lower limit. However, this period will only start after [number, maximum 2] waiting days.

Labor and company rules

The employee declares to be aware of and to agree with the employment and company rules applicable at the employer.

Pension fund

The employee does or doesn't participate in the pension fund designated by the employer.

Thus agreed, drawn up in duplicate and signed at [place], on [date].

Signature of employer: ---------- Signature of employee: ----------

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