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The concept of "brand" is not new in the world of marketing and communications. The term has been around for a while, however, we will review it to better understand what we mean by employer brand.

According to the American Marketing Association: "Brand is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol, a design, or a combination of any of them that identifies a company's products and services and differentiates them from competitors." It constitutes a strategic tool within the current economic environment, thanks to the sales trends in the market.

This is what was understood as a corporate brand, but with the arrival of social networks the rules of the game have changed. Now, the business world has been more connected than ever. The users of the network comment, describe, praise and complain about their experiences with various brands and this causes not only customers, but the prospects of collaborators to decide on one or the other company.

Therefore, today, generating a more social version of the corporate brand is vital. That is precisely the talent brand, employer brand or employer branding. This refers to what the candidates and collaborators think and spread about your company as a place to work.

"It was time for companies to sell themselves in order to recruit a team of excellence." - Employer Brand Specialist

Thus, Human Resources departments have been in need of implementing new technologies to capture talent, the main strategy being the employer branding.

The objective is to manage the company's brand until it becomes an employer reference. The strategy combines marketing and human resources to achieve a good position in the labor market, because today, the recruitment process start to reverse and are the candidates, both active and passive, who elect their employers.

Now organizations not only dispute the best professionals but must promote what it means to be part of their work team, focusing on two primary actions:

Internal: its employees

You have to keep motivated, satisfied and perfectly identified with your work and the values of the company to current employees, as the professionals themselves will be the best ambassadors of your brand.

External: candidates

We must call the attention of the best professionals, transmitting the values of the company, highlighting what makes it unique and how is the day to day of an employee. If the professional is identified, he will go to the company himself.

Why is it important to build it?

Now that we know what an employer brand is, why should we devote efforts to build it? Well, it's as important as taking care of your global brand.

With the democratization of the information that the digital transformation meant , today, the candidates have at their disposal all the information that they might need about the organizations, and therefore, they are severely critical of them. Simply type in Google or in the Facebook search bar the name of a company so that a tsunami of information, opinions of other workers, and appreciations in general begin by forming a prior opinion before applying for a company.

Therefore, if you want your company to compete in the current conditions and, therefore, can attract the best talent, you have to take care of your presence in social networks and the information that both you and your employees share on the web.

Some of the benefits of developing an employer branding are the following:

- Expand the talent acquisition ratio.
- Increase the traffic of external applicants.
- Improve the brand image internally.
- Increase the feeling of belonging and pride.
- Attract young talent.
- Improve the level of motivation and commitment of employees.
- Convert internal and external people into brand ambassadors.
- Decrease staff turnover.
- Reduce costs in recruitment and selection

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