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Employee Satisfaction

As the name suggests, employee satisfaction is about the degree of satisfaction with the current work situation. This concept can roughly be divided into four facets:

Work Content

With employee satisfaction, it is important that the content of the work is satisfactory. Is the execution of the work experienced as fun? Does the function offer enough variation and are the capacities being utilized?

Working conditions

Secondly, it is essential that the physical and mental conditions under which work is done are in order. Is the workload not too high? Does the workplace meet all requirements to be able to carry out the work safely and successfully?

Collaboration & Communication

The most important factor for employee satisfaction is the social climate in the workplace. Is there a nice atmosphere within the team? Is the right guidance provided? Are conflicts prevented and resolved?

Compensation & Reward

Also not unimportant are the rewards that are opposite the work. For example, is the salary correct and in line with the market? Are sufficient career and training opportunities offered?

Measure employee satisfaction

In the ideal situation, an employee is only positive about each of these four facets. However, in practice it appears that there is often enough room for improvement. The advantage of employee satisfaction is that it is relatively easy to improve. An employee satisfaction survey can be used to identify specific areas for improvement within the organization. It is up to the employer to act and to increase employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is not only desirable for the employee himself. The organization also benefits from a high degree of satisfaction in the workplace. Research shows that employee satisfaction goes hand in hand with:

Higher customer satisfaction (even in the absence of direct customer contact)

- Higher productivity
- More profitability
- Lower staff turnover

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