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Employee advocacy is here and everywhere. But what is employee advocacy really? Get our take on what employee advocacy is for a size and why it's something you (might) need to use.

Despite the fancy (and too many unspeakable) names, there is honestly not so much mysterious hocus-pocus on employee advocacy. Our definition of employee advocacy is:

To encourage, educate and facilitate employees to actively share content and actively engage in work-relevant conversations through their personal social media profiles.

In short, employee advocacy is about motivating employees to talk about their work and what they are professionally interested in on social media. And here 'work' must be understood from a holistic perspective, where it can be anything from products and services to colleagues and culture as well as the individual's professionalism.

But why are we talking about employee advocacy at all?

Confidence and loyalty to companies and organizations are declining We humans no longer take the words of good companies and organizations for good goods - we have become more critical and skeptical because we know they want something from us (our time, data, money, etc.)

And at the same time, the range of available services, services and products has never been greater. Previously, we had access to a limited number of travel companies, clothing stores, suppliers, advisors, you name it. With the advent of digitalisation, it's a long time ago. Webshops, sites and sharing economy platforms mean we have myriads of opportunities to invest in new.

So how can you attract people to your business or organization?

Employee advocacy creates value for both employees and the workplace

Who in your company or organization fosters trust in others and at the same time has profiles on social media that don't suffer from less reach? The answer is your employees.

A dedicated employee advocacy effort can create great value for the company or organization on many different parameters:

- Stronger brand image through employees' insight into culture and thought leadership
- Greater commitment from employees because they are strategically involved in the company or organization
- Attracting and recruiting competent employees
- Increased knowledge of product / services / services
- Increased sales through social selling
- Stronger relationship between colleagues and larger internal network
- Closer ties between HR or communications department and employees, creating valuable insights regarding employee (s) satisfaction, inspiration for content on company profiles on social media, etc.

But what do employees get out of employee advocacy? This is an obvious question, as most people immediately want to act as a promotional pillar for their business.

In this context, it's important to emphasize that the point of employee advocacy is that what employees share is authentic. That they want to share what they share and that they can stand for it. Otherwise, one's credibility is quickly undermined by the people watching the posts.

Of course, employees must also benefit from their efforts - and there are many different outcomes that can motivate many different types of employees to share notices about their workplace and professionalism:

- Stronger and larger professional network
- Recognition from professional peers, but also family and friends
- Updated knowledge on trends and news
- Professional brand as thought leader, considered a credible and reliable source of information and knowledge
- Larger internal network
- Showcasing projects and results that can promote career

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