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Technology is developing new products at a fast pace. For example, 3D printing enables innovators and product developers to create prototypes and blueprints faster and cheaper than the world previously envisioned. When a new product captures the attention of businesses and investors, the economy needs unique people with the expertise to guide a product's path to market and distribution. These are product managers.

What are the employability skills required for product management?

Successful product managers are ambassadors of the product that they lead from conception to production and final launch. They need to understand the market they are targeting with their new product and the competition they will face.

They are also responsible for creating and executing a successful strategy that will ensure the smooth and profitable passage of your product through research, development, engineering, manufacturing, launch and distribution. As such, this job requires top-notch analytical and problem-solving skills.

Types of Product Manager Skills

- Interpersonal skills

Product managers influence many people along with the products they produce, from customers and sales staff to marketing, finance, and engineering teams. Therefore, they must be able to communicate and spread their vision to everyone effectively.

A product manager is a multifaceted person. More so, perhaps, than any other profession, product management requires a strong understanding of the demands of various disciplines in order to communicate productively across divisions.

While she isn't an engineer, she must have sufficient technical knowledge to understand the structure, composition and applications of a product. And while not a marketer, the product manager must also be able to analyze market data and brand/product positioning. While he isn't an accountant, he does have to predict costs and manage budgets.

Strong presentation skills are a must, as the product manager is often the president of the product in charge and has to get others on board with his goals. When resources are limited and other products are also in development, he or she must be able to champion the product for a timely and successful launch.

- Active listening
- Presentation
- Public speaking
- Invite comments
- Address objections
- Sensitivity to the problem
- Wearing
- Meeting Facilitation
- Influence others
- Leadership
- Cross-functional team leaders
- Keep your composure under pressure
- Partner Relationship Management
- Verbal communication
- Written communication
- Dealing
- Teamwork

- Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking starts with asking the right questions, then understands the market and the competition, and finally defines the product roadmap. The product manager must be able to forecast how long each stage of the production cycle will take, position their product to take advantage of market cycles, and formulate strategies to control costs and manage risks along the way.

- Marketing
- Innovation
- Audience segmentation
- Product life cycle
- SWOT analysis
- Milestone creation
- Goal-oriented
- Projects management
- Product design
- Budget creation and management
- Creation of distribution strategies
- Customer analysis
- Definition of objectives
- Requirements definition
- Sales forecast

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