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A pharmaceutical tech specialist or pharmacy technician must have a full set of skills to help patients with their medication needs.

A pharmacy technician helps the pharmacist manage pharmacy operations, professionally interact with customers, and comply with regulatory laws. Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.?

What are the employability skills required for the pharmaceutical tech jobs?

Important traits for Pharmacy Technicians range from reliability and integrity to attention to detail and strong reporting skills, supporting their ultimate goal of ensuring drug therapy is carried out safely. and successful.

- Personal traits

There are a number of soft skills that pharmacy technicians must have. Technicians must be able to follow instructions from their pharmacy manager and the pharmaceutical company, communicate with staff and customers, and be organized and capable of multitasking.

- Precision
- Adaptability
- Collaboration
- Communication
- Continuous learning
- Confidence
- Detailed guidance
- Show a positive outlook
- Following instructions
- Friendly interactive style
- Listening
- Multitask
- Organizational skills
- Task prioritization
- Problem solving
- Stress management
- Teamwork
- Time management
- Verbal communication
- Working fast

- Task related

Insurance, MedPay, and prescription accuracy are examples of the industry-specific knowledge that pharmacy technicians must master. Being able to understand medical history, read prescriptions, and follow billing protocols can be tricky, but it's a key part of pharmacology.

- Calculation of insurance coverage for pharmacy transactions
- Prescription accuracy check before dispensing
- Contact insurers to clarify coverage
- Count, pour and mix pharmaceuticals
- Entering medication histories
- Filling of prescriptions according to the pharmacist's specifications
- Ordering supplies

- Interpersonal

As a Pharmacy Technician, you will often work with clients who are in pain or have recently been discharged from a medical procedure. If a patient is still a little foggy from anesthesia, he should be able to understand how to direct the client. Often, he may be enlisting the help of a close friend or family member assisting his client. Strong interpersonal skills ensure clients feel cared for and help clients understand instructions for taking medications.

- Customer service
- Explain recipe instructions to customers
- Explain costs and payment options to customers
- Identifying customer questions and concerns about prescriptions
- Maintain a professional demeanor
- Learning of medical and pharmaceutical terms
- Preserve patient confidentiality
- Supporting the appeals process to overturn insurance denials
- Submit questions to pharmacists

- Technical

You must be able to read the ingredients in a recipe, which requires a basic understanding of medicine and chemistry. In addition, you will use measurement equipment and industry-specific software. You are working with chemicals intended to heal the body or control pain, and it's vital that you follow training guidelines and use equipment to accurately assist clients.

- Knowledge of generic and brand drugs
- Knowledge of medical terms, abbreviations and pharmacy calculations
- Pharmacy Equipment Maintenance
- Registry mantenance
- Drug supply monitoring
- Prescription Inventory Monitoring for Expired Medications
- Preparation of labels for medicine bottles
- Preparation of sterile compounds
- Customer Payment Processing
- Reading and interpretation of prescriptions and pharmaceutical literature
- Replenishment of automated dispensing cabinets
- Resolution of discrepancies in billing
- Review of medication expiration dates
- Secure drug inventory
- Selection of suitable packaging materials
- Staging of drug deliveries

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