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When you apply for a job, there are skills that can improve your chances of getting hired for maintenance and cleaning jobs. Most cleaning jobs don't require a formal education, and you usually learn on the job. Building maintenance work typically requires a high school diploma, but you can also get on-the-job training.

However, the more skills and experience you have to offer a potential employer, the better your chances of landing the job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts above-average job growth of about 4% over the next few years in the areas of building cleaning and janitorial, as well as general maintenance and repair. The healthcare industry, in particular, will grow, along with the need for these types of workers to clean and maintain their medical offices and hospital buildings.

What are employability skills required for maintenance and cleaning jobs?

Maintenance and cleaning skills are those related to the repair and maintenance of the operation and/or cleaning of equipment, buildings and machinery. These skills are in high demand across the country, from plumbers to carpenters to janitors.

Types of maintenance and cleaning skills

Below is a list of the most important skills most employers look for in candidates. It also includes sublists for skills related to housekeeping and housekeeping.

Develop these skills and emphasize them in job applications, resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Demonstrating that you have the skills the company is looking for will help you get hired and promoted.

- Administrative skills

Cleaning and maintenance work isn't just about cleaning. Someone has to organize what work needs to be done and when and where to do it. Cleaning supplies should be tracked, schedules set, and records kept, including:

- Inventory
- Monetary exchange
- Ordering supplies
- Permissions
- Planning
- Prioritize
- Registry mantenance
- Planning

- Advanced maintenance skills

These advanced skills can give you an edge in securing work at companies that need more than basic cleaning. As part of a building maintenance team, you will be the go-to person for minor structural repairs and special maintenance projects, keeping the building in good repair, and making timely repairs, including:

- Carpentry
- Finishing / Refinishing Floors
- Brickwork
- Frame
- Plumbing
- Roofing
- Welding

- Basic cleaning skills

Let employers know if you have specialized knowledge or experience with cleaning products. Some employers prefer to use "green" cleaning solutions, for example. Include this list of basic housekeeping skills:

- Chemical use
- Cleaning
- Dusting
- Trapper
- Furniture polishing
- Security
- Sanitation
- Debugging
- Sweeping
- Floor washing
- Window washing
- Hair removal

- Interpersonal skills

With many cleaning and maintenance jobs, you'll be working as part of a team, so you'll need to get along with all of your team colleagues. In some cases, you'll also interact directly with a company's customers, especially if you're at work during business hours. And if he has aspirations to move up the ranks to a supervisory position, excellent interpersonal skills will help him get there, including:

- Communication
- Customer service
- Following instructions
- Interpersonal skills
- Service
- Supervising
- Teamwork

- Repair and Maintenance

In larger businesses, you'll need to maintain the equipment you use to clean and maintain the buildings and grounds. The skills on this list tell potential employers that you will be their go-to person to keep their team running. If you have experience with specific brands of equipment that have special maintenance requirements, let employers know. Be sure to include these skills if you have them:

- Building repair
- Electrical repairs
- Equipment maintenance
- Fixing tools
- Grounds maintenance
- Maintenance
- Mechanical aptitude
- Reconditioning
- Repair of electrical accessories

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