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When you apply for a job in advertising or marketing, application screeners, interviewers, and hiring managers will look for keywords and specific skills in the text of your resume and accompanying cover letter. To focus your application and answers to the interview questions, you need to know what words will grab their attention. Here are lists of advertising skills.

What are the employability skills required for advertising jobs?

Categories that fall into relevant advertising skills include creativity, communication, project management, personal mastery, media, and marketing. A job in advertising requires a creative perspective to create and execute the most effective campaigns, and project management and marketing are the methods by which these campaigns can come to life.

List of advertising skills

Below you will find the most common skills that are sought after in different areas of advertising. Try to include these phrases when listing your work and volunteer experience on your resume.

Note that some of the words are synonyms, which is helpful so your resume doesn't become monotonous and repetitive.

The skills required will vary depending on the job you're applying for, so also review our list of skills listed by job and skill type.

- Creative skills

These skills are what you use to create an ad piece or campaign, whether for your employer or a client. Try to think of examples to mention, either on your resume or in a personal interview, where you have demonstrated these creative competencies

- Anticipating objections
- Content architecture
- Authority building
- Building associations
- Building shortage
- Business narrative
- Creativity
- Customer Focus
- Innovation
- Storytelling, Writing

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