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Job prospects in Accounting are strong. Accounting refers to managing or inspecting a person's financial records. There are many jobs that involve accounting, including bookkeeper, auditor, controller, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, and more. All of these positions require a similar core set of skills.

What are the employability skills required for accounting jobs?

Whether you're applying for a position as a CPA with a financial services firm or as a CPA with a business, you'll need to list the specific accounting skills you possess, such as AP/AR management, general ledger reconciliation, tax accounting, or auditing. Your best guide to which of your skills to emphasize is the specific job description you're applying for. If the description mentions specific "Preferred Skills", you should echo those on your resume.

Show your education, certification and training. Having earned your CPA certification or taken other continuing education courses will set you apart from other candidates who have not completed advanced accounting training. If you're still in the process of studying for your CPA designation, please list the most relevant courses you have taken in the "Education" section of your resume.

Include mention of soft skills. While accountants must have strong analytical and mathematical skills, they must also be able to communicate effectively with clients and/or departmental team members. Mentioning soft skills like teamwork and oral/written communication talents will help convince a potential employer that you will thrive not only working independently, but also in collaborative settings.

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