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Quality management can be a big challenge for a company. A quality management system can be manual, but often that kind of classic documentation is no longer feasible. Companies cease to use the form of manual labor due to the size of business processes or the growing number of " foreign " partners. For that reason there are electronic quality management systems or Electronic Quality Management Systems " EQMS ".

Operation of an EQMS

In summary, the task of an EQMS is to electronically manage a company's quality strategy. The specific tasks of the system depend largely on the type of package and the organization that works with it. However, we can distinguish a series of basic tasks:

- Organize business processes to prevent errors from arising;
- Comply with quality controls " or give advice for manual controls ";
- Save audit results;
- Adjust processes based on the results of the audit;
- Manage complaints;
- Comply with the risk analysis of new and existing tasks " periodically ";
- Continuous review of business processes and quality strategy.

Therefore a EQMS combines many tasks, many of which also are included within the document management system " Document Management System, DMS " or ERP software. So, the question is how necessary is a separate software for those companies that already use or consider DMS or ERP. Integration can also be a good option in certain cases.

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